ITO President Avdagiç: Manufacturing Industry Became the Engine in Growth

ito president avdagic became the locomotive manufacturing industry in the growth
ito president avdagic became the locomotive manufacturing industry in the growth

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) President Şekib Avdagiç said in his assessment of growth figures, “The driving force in growth has been the manufacturing industry. "Being a country with a fresh economy in the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) is neither an easy nor an underestimated success," he said.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Chairman Şekib Avdagiç a written statement, assessed the growth of Turkey's economy in 2020. Turkey, underlining that the two countries can show growth in the G-2020 countries, along with China Avdagiç in 20, "the growing demand all over the world to evaluate product manufacturing industry Turkish business world is good. This process showed that our private sector is very important for Turkey. survival of the private sector, Turkey is meant to remain standing. " used the expressions.

Stating that the highest increase in machinery and equipment investments on both annual and quarterly basis gives hope for the future, Avdagiç stated that this is a sign that the future demand is being prepared and the export capacity will increase.

Avdagiç, he said: "Turkey's economy Kovid-19 grew by 2020 percent in 1,8, even starting year, beginning with normalization steps can translate proved its added value on June 1. We rank first in the OECD. The driving force in growth has been the manufacturing industry. It is neither an easy nor an underestimated success to be a country with its economy alive in Kovid-19. "


ITO President Avdagic stated that the high growth of 5,9 percent in the fourth quarter of last year is very valuable.

Interest rates began to rise, at a time when the epidemic tightening measures underlined that Turkey abandon production Avdagiç found the following assessment: "Manufacturers have worked devotedly their power. Our retailers continued to serve. Our business people and entrepreneurs quickly adapted to the situation and achieved one of the fastest growths in the world in e-commerce. On the other hand, we welcome another 1.219 products to be included in the priority investment list. This regulation will increase investment enthusiasm in the upcoming period. The concentration of our business world, which has achieved this growth figure, must remain unchanged. In this context, we must keep the loan costs, which directly affect the investment and production costs, at a reasonable level. When the focus to the right place Turkey can overcome any problem. "

Stating that the normalization process stimulated the economy, Avdagiç said, “Normalization is good for us. Turkey, 2021 is also very important new normalization steps to maintain its strong growth. " used the expressions.

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