Samsun Sarp Railway Route Must Include Ordu and Giresun

samsun steep railway guzergahi should include army and giresun
samsun steep railway guzergahi should include army and giresun

Servet Şahin, President of Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “We want Samsun Sarp Railway to include Ordu and Giresun as well. Caucasus transportationand we will allow us to be involved in this project, when completed, and the Army Black Sea-Mediterranean Road when our terminal, Turkey will be one of the most important logistics centers. This will color the production pattern of our city. " he spoke.

Display platform, published every week in 'Economy of Turkey Speaks' program to the ongoing Economic Journalists Association (EGD), this time on the agenda for the Black Sea 'honey city' was the army. Servet Şahin, President of the Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO), who was the guest of the program moderated by EGD President Celal Toprak and EGD Board Member Mehmet Uluğtürkan, answered the questions of economy journalists.


The agriculture Army tourism, in many areas the industry from livestock could provide more value to Turkey's economy, in the first place when the exports from the city 1, indicating the medium term may rise to $ 5 billion OTSON President of the Falcon, "about 45 provinces to provide output to the Army Black Sea-Mediterranean Road 'We are waiting for the project to be completed. In addition, we have an expectation for a container port that will increase the foreign trade of both Ordu and our cities that will be connected to the Black Sea with a road project. The closest port is at Ünye, 85 kilometers away from us. "A port to be built near Ordu-Giresun Airport (OGU) will contribute to the development of our foreign trade with many countries, especially the Black Sea countries." Samsun steep Railway Ordu and Giresun to the Falcon that they want the coverage, "Caucasus will allow us transportationand we are involved in this project, when the Black Sea-Mediterranean Road is complete and the Army when our terminal, Turkey will be one of the most important logistics centers. This will color the production pattern of our city, ”he said.


Stating that they are working to increase the power of Ordu in hazelnuts, Şahin said, “We established a chocolate workshop within our chamber with an EU project. We wanted it to set an example for entrepreneurs. We desire to combine the hazelnuts we sell for 30 lira with the delicious milk of our highlands and sell them as chocolate for 150 lira. We are taking important steps in this direction. In chocolate, we may have difficulty competing with European companies, but the Far East market is waiting for us. In this context, we have turned our direction to India and China as well as the domestic market. We believe we will get good results soon. We thank our government. We have completed all of the roads in the army to a great extent. Ordu center can be reached in an hour from the farthest point today. This has contributed significantly to the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, and our tourism, which has been on the rise in recent years ”.


Pointing out that honey is another value after hazelnuts in Ordu, Şahin said, “16 percent of Turkey's honey production is obtained from Ordu. We are the first in this field. We have the largest number of hives and the largest capacity Apiculture Research Institute. However, due to the inability to launch a brand and lack of control in this area, the desired income cannot be achieved. Analyzed and unanalyzed honey are sold everywhere, from hardware stores to pharmacies, for the same price. Lack of control devalues ​​a valuable product like honey, so both the producer and the city kazanis sucking. While we have an export potential of 500 million dollars from honey and bee products, we are stuck at 15 million dollars due to these problems.


Noting the increase in kiwi cultivation in the city in recent years, Ordu TSO President Servet Şahin said, “We produce 12 percent of Turkey's kiwifruit production. However, we do not have the facilities to process this product. I am making a call to investors who want to produce kiwi juice in Ordu through you. Come, establish a kiwi juice factory in Ordu.” Within the framework of strengthening the production in the city, with the cooperation of TOBB and the Ministry of National Education, the Black Sea's largest industrial vocational high school with 52 classrooms and 40 workshops. kazanExplaining that they are working in this school, Şahin said that those who grow up in this school, which has a closed area of ​​24 thousand square meters, will be qualified personnel to work in the production facilities of the region.


Reminding that Hilmi Güler, who served as the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources for a long time, became the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality contributed significantly to the economic growth of the city, Şahin said, “We have increased the production in many areas with the projects of our President. Our production of so-called Done egg and buffalo milk has increased several times in the last two years. "We consider our fellow countryman Numan Kurtulmuş and Nurettin Canikli from Giresun as a chance and our Governor Tuncay Sonel with whom we work in harmony," he said.


EGD President Celal Toprak, who is from Ordu, emphasized that the tourism revenues in the city increased with the operation of Ordu-Giresun Airport and said, “Ordu has its plateaus, mountains, streams, culture, history and beaches that will envy Cannes and Nice regions of France. it needs publicity to increase it. For example, Thursday beach may be one of the best examples of the so-called 'slow life' area in the world. As journalists, we will continue to contribute to the promotion of Ordu. "If the pandemic (epidemic) conditions escalated, we planned to visit Ordu in May," he said.

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