75th Year Sultandere OGÜ Tram Expeditions Started in Eskişehir

Yil Sultandere OGU Tram Expeditions Started in Eskisehir
Yil Sultandere OGU Tram Expeditions Started in Eskisehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction and put into service the Emek-Şehir Hospital tram line, followed by the 75th Year-Sultandere-OGÜ line, which is a continuation of this line. The line, which citizens who make HES Code-Eskart matching, can use free of charge from 75th Yıl-Taner Kışlalı-Sultandere-Oto Center-Estim stops until March 22, will provide great convenience in public transportation for 20 thousand people living in the region.

The Metropolitan Municipality, extending the tram lines from Emek Mahallesi to the City Hospital, then to Sultandere and 75. Yıl Mahallesi by making a great investment in urban transportation, Sultandere-71. The year line was also put into service. While the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Ayşe Ünlüce, Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Ataç and ESTRAM General Manager Hakan Murat Bayındır also attended the first voyages, Ayşe Ünlüce stated that they were very happy to open the 75th Year-OGÜ line, which is the longest line of the tram. Ünlüce said, “ESTRAM, which started to serve as one of the biggest investments of Eskişehir in 75 and has carried nearly 2004 million passengers so far, has started its flights to 600. Yıl Mahallesi, one of the farthest neighborhoods of our city center. This line, which we expect to benefit from nearly 75 thousand citizens living in the region, will also facilitate access to these regions as it passes through ESTIM and Auto Center regions. I think that especially 20. Yıl Mahallesi and Sultandere Neighborhood residents will prefer the tram for public transportation because it is fast and comfortable. After the Kumlubel line, which we plan to open as soon as possible, our tram network will increase to 75 or 8 kilometers. Examples shown every day in many areas of our city in Turkey needs more development and of course, with the increase of population, however, is also increasing. In order to respond to these needs, we will continue our investments within our means ”. Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Ataç, who stated that it is very valuable for ESTRAM to reach 55. Yıl Mahallesi, which is another end of the city, after regions such as Çamlıca Batıkent, thanked everyone, especially Mayor Büyükerşen.

Stating that the tram will be a great convenience for them, 75. Yıl and Sultandere Neighborhood residents thanked Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen for this great investment. Stating that the tram adds value to every region it passes through, the citizens stated that the 75. Yıl Mahallesi will also be valued in every sense from now on.

Citizens to the timetable of the new line http://www.eskisehir.bel.tr ve http://www.estram.com.tr and they will be able to use them free of charge until 75 March with their Hes Code matched cards at 22. Yıl-Taner Kışlalı-Sultandere-Oto Center-Estim stops.

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