Asphalt Works Did Not Slow Down Under Curfew in Eskişehir

asphalt work did not slow down in the curfew in Eskisehir
asphalt work did not slow down in the curfew in Eskisehir

📩 04/05/2020 16:13

Implementing the Corona Virus Action Plan with determination, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the other hand while meeting the needs of citizens on the days of curfew. In this context, Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams working in coordination with ESTRAM continue to perform hot asphalt work by removing deformed stones at crossroads and tram level crossings. The teams are also continuing to work on asphalt patching by evaluating the banned days without traffic flow in the streets and boulevards where vehicle traffic is intense.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which wanted to carry out the planned works faster by turning the crisis into an opportunity, continued to work on hot asphalt at the tram level crossings and junctions that it started last week. The works were completed quickly at 7 different locations where ESTRAM and Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams worked in coordination.

Air Martyrdom Tram Station, Vişnelik Tram Station, Cumhuriyet Boulevard- Borsa Street Intersection, 19 Mayıs Street-Borsa Street Intersection, Millet Street, Porsuk Sports Hall and tram roads in Atalar Street and the teams removing the deformed stones at the intersection of traffic flow, He completed the asphalt works and made the roads ready. Stating that the works have been continuing since last week to ensure comfortable passage of vehicles, the officials stated that they have received positive feedback from the citizens regarding the works.

Patch Works on Streets and Boulevards Continues

Stating that they continue to carry out the maintenance and repair works of the deformed areas in the streets and boulevards that are in the area of ​​responsibility as the Metropolitan Municipality, the authorities said, “In addition to the works we carried out at the tram junctions, this is also our maintenance and repair works on the streets and boulevards we planned for the summer by turning the curfew into an opportunity. We accelerated in the process. Our teams working at 7 different points this weekend made our streets and boulevards more comfortable for our citizens. We have completed our work between Cumhuriyet Boulevard and Sarper Junction, Ertaş Avenue-Küçük Sanayi Junction, Akarbaşı Junction, İsmet İnönü 2 Avenue- Şahin Avenue and Espark Junction, Ziyapaşa Avenue and Vatan Avenue, Gazi Yakup Satar Street tram stops. They said that the work will continue at different points determined next weekend.

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