Game Breaking Racing Excitement LG UltraGear eRacing Begins

groundbreaking race excitement lg ultragear eracing begins
groundbreaking race excitement lg ultragear eracing begins

LG Ultragear gaming monitors featuring the world's first Nano IPS display invite you to an exciting race. March 27, 2021 at 21.30 at the LG Turkey YouTube It is enough to participate in the qualifiers to take part in the teams formed by Fırat Albayram, Enis Kirazoğlu, Mervan Tepelioğlu and Buğra Akpınar in the fight that will be broadcast live with the narration of Serhan Acar on the channel.

Moreover, those who participated in the qualifiers 4K, 1 ms LG UltraGear 27” 27GN950 model kazanhe gets a chance.

LG's "UltraGear" player monitors, which have proven themselves all over the world, continue to be the primary choice of simulation racers in racing games, as in all games. With the LG UltraGear eRacing, it enters the e-sports races closely followed by motorsports lovers.

19 talented simulation racers, who will make the best time in the qualifiers to be held on March 20-20, will take their places in 4 teams formed by Enis Kirazoğlu, Fırat Albayram, Mervan Tepelioğlu and Buğra Akpınar, one of the most known names in Turkey with their game reviews and races. He will share his trump cards in the live broadcast that will take place at 27. Only one of the 21.30 fast and talented racers who will go to the final race after the eliminations. kazanLG UltraGear, which is the world's first gaming monitor with a Nano IPS screen, will have the "27GN4" model, which outperforms its competitors with a 1" 27K resolution and 950 ms response speed.

Breathtaking Struggle in Live Broadcast

On Saturday, March 27th, at 21.30, there will be a great visual feast full of excitement not only for simulation racers but also for all motorsports enthusiasts. Serhan Acar live audio narration and Enis Kirazoğlu of motor sports in Turkey, Firat I Albayram, Marwan Tepelioğl and has already begun the countdown to the excitement of a race Bugra Akpinar memorization disrupts their comments.

Champions' Choice LG UltraGear

LG UItraGear Monitors are preferred by gamers and professional Esports players. LG UltraGear 4GN1, the world's first 27K IPS 950ms (GtG) Gaming Monitor, invites gamers to experience the most exciting adventures one-on-one with its 27 inch-68 centimeter screen. On the other hand, this monitor with 4K UHD resolution covers 3 percent of the DCI-P98 color gamut and 10 Bit color. The UltraGear 27GN950, the world's first 4K IPS 1ms (GtG) gaming monitor, which succeeds in bringing together its superior color quality with excellent speed, has an ultra-high speed of 144 Hz, and 160hz in overclocking. LG ULtraGear 27GN950 also has NVIDIA certified G-SYNC® compatibility. Thanks to NVIDIA-tested and officially validated G-Sync® compatibility, the monitor also prevents screen tearing and minimizes stuttering, offering a smoother and faster gaming experience for Esportsmen.

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