Attention to Wrinkles and Sagging on the Face!

Pay attention to facial wrinkles and sagging
Pay attention to facial wrinkles and sagging

📩 22/02/2021 14:01

Medical Aesthetic Physician Dr. Mesut Ayyıldız gave information on the subject. With Endopeel, wrinkles and sagging in many parts of the body, especially face and neck, are quickly eliminated. This method, which has been applied safely for about 5 years in our country, has been used successfully in many countries around the world for about 15 years.

Swiss facial plastic surgeon Prof.Dr. Developed by Alain Tenenbaum; Endopeel, which is a mixture of peanut oil, carbolic acid and menthol, provides both medical lifting and a chemical peeling effect.

As known ; Botox prevents wrinkles with significant mimic loss by blocking nerve conduction in the area where it is applied and relaxing muscles. However, Endopeel increases the tone of the muscles in the area where it is applied and increases the carrying power against gravity and creates tension, eliminating wrinkles and sagging with an effect that starts in 20 minutes and never causes mimic loss.

With the Endopeel technique, the lower 1/3 of the face and the jowl area are tightened at the same time; There are many uses such as eyebrow and nose tip lifting, cellulite, tummy tuck, tightening of the back of the hand and décolleté, prevention of sagging in the arms and obtaining a Brazilian butt.

Endopeel is a very reliable method and there are no negative reports all over the world. It is a satisfactory feature in terms of patient / cost. It never damages the main nerves and vessels on the face and does not have a toxic effect.

As a result; Endopeel comes to the forefront in the non-surgical face lift area by ending wrinkles and sagging with its effect that starts in 20 minutes without loss of mimic, and attracts attention as a method that will increase the interest for many years.

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