ANAU Rector Erdal: 'We Have No Time to Waste for the URAYSİM Project'

we don't have time to waste for anau rektoru erdal uraysi̇m project
we don't have time to waste for anau rektoru erdal uraysi̇m project

Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Fuat Erdal made statements about the emergence, development and current status of the National Rail Systems Test and Research Center Project (URAYSİM).

Rector Erdal uraysim, the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Eskişehir'den announced that Turkey and the rail system in the area, which will make one of the world's leading centers stated that a national project, the project started to be implemented rail will increase the competitiveness of our country in the systems area, new He stated that it will create markets and offer important employment and export opportunities.

"URAYSİM will make a great contribution to the economy of our country and Eskişehir"

Rector Fuat Erdal, who stated that the first factory was established in 1894 to meet the need for steam locomotives and wagons in Eskişehir, stated that Eskişehir has historically had an important feature as being the center of the railway industry. URAYSİM to Eskişehir kazanRector Erdal, who stated that the tests of railway vehicles will be carried out in our country and that the certification of these vehicles will be carried out in Eskişehir, said, “In this sense, with the implementation of this project, Eskişehir will put an end to Turkey's foreign dependency in this area. In addition, the test and certification procedures of all vehicles in the field of rail systems, especially in the surrounding countries, will be carried out in our city.

"URAYSİM will be the first in our country and it is a very comprehensive project"

Stating that the project studies are being carried out in cooperation with Eskişehir Technical University, TÜBİTAK, TCDD and TÜRASAŞ under the responsibility of Anadolu University, Rector Erdal stated that URAYSİM is not only a test and certification center. Rector Erdal said, “As a first in this field, URAYSİM will undertake a series of activities such as the production of high-strength materials that can be used in rail system vehicles, the development of high-life rail and wheel technologies, signaling systems, and increasing navigation and vehicle safety. In addition, the center will obtain patents for original designs realized with the demands of the sector and will train researchers required by universities and industrial organizations. When all these services are taken into consideration, the contributions of the project to our country and our city can be understood more clearly. Therefore, all work for such a comprehensive center is carried out with great care. "

"The area to be expropriated for the first stage is only 520 in 1 of the total agricultural land"

Stating that as a result of the feasibility studies carried out with all stakeholders, it was decided to carry out the project within the boundaries of Alpu district, Rector Erdal stated that the work related to the route was firstly shared by 26 public institutions and organizations, including the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock, as well as the relevant municipalities regarding the suitability of the planned test route routes. stated that a written opinion was requested. Reminding that there were no objections for the route other than the letter of the Turkish Air Force and DSI, Rector Erdal stated that the objections received were meticulously evaluated and the revision works were completed.

Rector Erdal stated that the expropriation works for the first stage test roads and connection road started and that these studies are still continuing; “As it is known, according to the report prepared by BEBKA, the total arable agricultural land in Alpu district is 400,000 decares. The total area to be expropriated for this stage is 770 decares. Therefore, the area to be expropriated for the first stage is a very small area, only 520 in 1 of the total agricultural land. " said.

"We do not have time to lose URAYSİM to activate"

Emphasizing that URAYSİM is a project that we have seen only in countries such as the USA and Germany, and that will move forward in the field of rail systems in our city and our country, Rector Erdal stated that very large international companies have requested to establish a partnership with the project. He added, “Today, our country is putting forward very important projects to compete with the world's leading countries in this field. Only High Speed ​​​​Train to our city kazanEven when you consider the tourism potential of the city, you can see how the works carried out in the field of rail systems create added value in the economies of the cities. We are also very meticulous to realize this national project and we are in an intense effort.” Rector Erdal continued, "We have no time to waste for the operation of this center, which will provide great added value to both Eskişehir and our country and create a wide employment area." he ended his speech.

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