Eskişehir Governor Çelik examines the construction work of URAYSİM Project

Eskişehir Governor Çelik examined the URAYSİM Project construction works: Eskişehir Governor Azmi Çelik, who went to Alpu district to make various visits and examinations, received information from District Governor Mehmet Zahid Doğu about the geographical location, education and health status, industrial development, public order and population of the district.
Stating that the district, which is 40 kilometers away from the city center, is divided into two by Porsuk Stream, District Governor Zahid Doğu stated that the people of the district are generally engaged in agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. Stating that Alpu district, which has the climate of the Central Anatolia Region, is very suitable for irrigated agriculture, the district governor is within the borders of the Eastern district; Gökçekaya Dam Lake, Çatacık Forests, Saklı Canyon in Karacaören Neighborhood, Selçuklu Mosque in Büğdüz District and the historical bathhouse in Uyuzhamam District, he said. Stating that they also protect their cultural richness from the past, Doğu stated that the art called Savat is performed in the district where the craftsmen of silver embroidery are located.
Governor Azmi Çelik, who signed the district governor's honor book in memory of the day, then visited Mayor Rafet Demitaş in his office together with District Governor Doğu. Explaining the activities of the municipality in the district, Mayor Demirtaş said, “The most important labor force in our district is based on agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. In Alpu, whose Municipal Organization was established in 1955, people live in peace. "We, as a municipality, work day and night to ensure that our people in the district can live in a better environment."
After the municipality visit, Governor Çelik, District Governor Doğu, Mayor Demirtaş and their associates examined the completed and ongoing investments in the district. Vali Çelik, who examined the construction works of the Rail Systems Center (URAYSİM), which is the project of Anadolu University, received information from the contractor company officials.
Emphasizing that the URAYSİM Project will make a great contribution to Eskişehir and Alpu district, Governor Çelik stated that when the project is completed, rail vehicles and High Speed ​​Train tests will be done here. Stating that the value of URAYSİM will be more known when the National High Speed ​​Train production works are completed, Governor Çelik said that when the project is completed, there will be great dynamism in the region in terms of both economic and employment.
The trains can be tested at 400 kilometers speed. The test path will be 50 kilometers and there will be workshops, research and educational buildings, accommodation facilities where static and dynamic tests will be carried out.



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