About Mega Projects in Turkey Filyos Valley Project

turkiyenin mega project Filyos Valley project about
turkiyenin mega project Filyos Valley project about

This investment basin, which includes Filyos Port, Filyos Industrial Zone, Filyos Free Zone and Free Zone Development Zone, is called the Filyos Valley Project.

Turkey's First Mega Industrial Region

Turkey determined to achieve the 2023 vision and to increase the industry's competitiveness in order to be among the top 10 economies in the world, to improve the efficiency, is working to produce high value added and high-tech products. For this purpose, it started to create appropriate physical infrastructure and opportunities for production and trade. Turkey's first mega industry Filyos Industrial Area, south of the Filyos Free Zone and Turkey's largest, one of the port of Filyos Port of Filyos in the investment Basin and Turkey, which was emphasized a national investment projects. With the project, it is planned to create new transportation corridors, reduce the traffic load of the Istanbul and Çanakkale Straits, increase qualified production, and develop national and international transportation and trade.

North Gate to Turkey

Filyos Port to meet Turkey's increasing foreign trade and planned to ensure that a regional transfer center is one of three major investment. Turkey's western Black Sea coast, located in the province of Zonguldak.

Transport and Transport

Dairway: Filyos Port with a capacity of 25 million tons / year is constructed within the scope of the project. The port, whose infrastructure construction continues, is planned to be tendered with the build-operate-transfer model. In addition, there are currently 5 different ports in the Western Black Sea Region.

Railway: The Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway from Ankara to Zonguldak passes right next to the project area. In addition, Adapazarı-Karasu-Ereğli-Bartın Railway Project, whose tender processes are ongoing, is an important project that will connect Filyos to the Marmara Region.

Airport: 5 minutes to the project area. Zonguldak Airport, where international flights can be made, is at a distance.

Highway: The project area is 100 km from the Istanbul-Ankara highway.

Investment Opportunities

  • Multi-modal transportation opportunity
  • Filyos Port with a capacity of 25 million tons / year
  • 597 hectares Filyos Industrial Zone
  • 1166 hectares Filyos Free Zone
  • 620 hectares Free Zone Expansion Area

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