Full Support from SunExpress to Turkish Tourism in Summer 2021

Full support to Turkish tourism in sunexpressten summer
Full support to Turkish tourism in sunexpressten summer

📩 23/02/2021 15:26

SunExpress, a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, announced its 2021 summer season flight plan and new destinations to start flying.

Airline, flight network, adding 23 new routes between Europe and Turkey, Izmir, Antalya and begins to fly to the Middle East for the first time three important center.

Turkey's vacation paradise that most tourists who SunExpress scheduled flights to Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, pandemic and then stagnant last year because of travel restrictions is preparing to support making a strong comeback of Turkish tourism in the summer of 2021.

SunExpress CEO Max Kownatzki“We foresee that the demand for travel will increase considerably in the next summer season. Vaccination widely in many countries and rapid test applications work together with the realization of the summer, we expect the influx of European tourists in the holiday resorts in Turkey, "he said.

Kownatzki: Turkish tourism will shine this summer 

"Turkey, from the beginning to prevent the spread of Covidien-19 studies were carried out successful and 'Safe Tourism' application is amply proved by the stability in this issue," he said Kownatzki He continued: "rise above a certain level, the population is vaccinated in Turkey and together with the ease of Covidien-19 tests, will win a high acceleration of Turkish tourism and ever powerful way back will have complete belief. As an important partner of Turkish tourism, we are ready to provide all the support needed for a strong return of the industry this year. ”

Flights to the Middle East begin 

Providing information about the new routes that SunExpress will start flying in the summer of 2021 KownatzkiThe new season with flight network, he said adding 23 new routes: "This summer, tourist or family visit purposes with Turkey to us our passengers who prefer to strengthen the bridge we have established in Europe are opening up to new markets, as well. We will connect Antalya and İzmir to the important centers of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. "Thanks to our dynamic structure, we focus on the destinations they most demand to fly, taking into account the demands of our passengers while determining our new routes."

23 new routes in the summer season

In total from Turkey Non-stop flights to 27 countries and 52 destinations in the 2021 summer season flight plan It will offer approximately 6 million seats on international routes and 1.8 million on domestic routes. The airline added to its flight network 23 new destinations in that:

In the summer season of 10, SunExpress will connect Antalya to 40 domestic and 2021 international destinations. It will offer flights from Antalya new destinations as follows:

International Domestic flights
Beirut New Hatay New
Geneva New Malatya New
Erbil New  
Chisinau New  
Lebanese New  
London New


Manchester New  
Sophia  New  
Tel Aviv New  

In the new season, SunExpress will fly from its hub Izmir to 31 destinations on international flights and 14 destinations on domestic flights. The new flights to start from Izmir are as follows: 

International Domestic flights
Beirut New Bodrum New
Geneva New  
Kiev New  
Tel Aviv New  

 SunExpress, which connects 15 Anatolian cities, including Bodrum and Dalaman, with non-stop flights to many important cities of Europe, outside of Antalya and Izmir, It will start to fly to 5 new routes from 7 different Anatolian cities:  

Bodrum Eskişehir Hatay  Malatya Zonguldak
Cologne New Brüksel New Düsseldorf New Frankfurt New Düsseldorf New
Vienna New Düsseldorf New  

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