Do Not Ignore The Details In Laser Treatment

Do not ignore the details of laser therapy
Do not ignore the details of laser therapy

With laser surgery, which is the most common method used in the treatment of refractive defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, and is the most common method in refractive surgery in the world, it is possible to get rid of glasses after approximately 15 minutes of operation.

About the laser surgeries performed in Dünyagöz for years and in which hundreds of thousands of people regain their eye health, Op. Dr. Baha Toygar shares the curiosities.

Stating that laser surgeries performed according to the eye structure of the person are very safe after the necessary examinations and examinations are performed, Op. Dr. Baha Toygar said, “For laser surgeries to be successful, it is very important to determine the patients' suitability for this operation through examinations. With the developing laser technologies, we consider many different factors, from the eye number of the patients to the eye structures, and thus we can direct them to the most accurate treatment method. Pre-operative examination should be performed one day before the operation. As a result of this examination, all of our patients were applied in Dünyagöz; "We apply iLasik, SMILE, INTRALASE LASIK, Topolaser or whatever is the most accurate of Presbyopia treatments."

The method is determined according to the characteristics of the patient

Providing detailed information about the laser surgery process in Dünyagöz, Op. Dr. Baha Toygar said, “As we mentioned before the surgery, an eye examination is performed and the correct method is determined according to the characteristics of the patient. Patients are asked not to use cosmetic products such as make-up, perfume, and cream at least one day before the operation. During the operation, no pain is felt with the anesthesia applied through drops dropped into the eye, and the operation time is around 5-10 minutes for each eye. It is confirmed that there is no problem by performing a control examination at a 24-48 hour interval after the operation. After that, within a few days, the vision becomes clear and the quality of vision increases ”.

Who Can Have Laser Surgery?

  • Those who are over the age of 18, wear glasses or contact lenses
  • Those who have less than 0,50 diopter change in eye degrees in the last year
  • Those with myopia up to 10 ditoptyries
  • Those with astigmatism up to -6 diopters and hyperopia up to +4 diopters
  • Corneal tissue thick enough
  • Those who do not have systematic diseases such as diabetes and rheumatism
  • Those who do not have any other diseases such as eye pressure in their eyes
  • Those whose eye structure is found suitable for surgery in preliminary examination

Things to be considered in the hospital where laser surgery will be performed

  • Technological and hygienic infrastructure
  • Physician experience and expertise in laser
  • Availability of necessary technological infrastructure for treatment and examinations
  • All medical materials to be used in surgery are disposable
  • Whether the service is provided in different branches of the eye

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