480 Kilograms of Illegal Honey Seized at Sarp Customs Gate

Kilograms of honey was seized at the Sarp Gumruk Gate
Kilograms of honey was seized at the Sarp Gumruk Gate

📩 13/02/2021 15:38

In the operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Commerce at the Sarp Customs Gate, 480 kilograms of honey were seized, which were intended to be stored in a vehicle's gas tank and brought into the country.

A vehicle with a foreign plate coming from Georgia to the Sarp Customs Gate was considered risky as a result of the analysis. The suspect vehicle was transferred to the x-ray scanning device.

A suspicious density was found in the vehicle's fuel tank during the x-ray scan. Thereupon, the vehicle was taken to the search hangar and the fuel tank was checked. As a result of the examination, it was understood that a special compartment called a stash was built in a part of the vehicle's fuel tank, and honey was hidden in the said compartment.

As a result of the work carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams, 480 kilograms of honey was removed from the vehicle depot, which the driver declared full of fuel. It was understood that the honey that was seized was chestnut honey.

While 480 kilograms of chestnut honey, which was intended to be put on the market in unsanitary conditions, and the vehicle used to transport illegal goods were seized, an investigation was initiated against those responsible.

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