Minister Pekcan Announces Foreign Trade Figures for January

minister pekcan announces foreign trade figures for january
minister pekcan announces foreign trade figures for january

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that the exports in January reached 2,5 billion 15 million dollars with an increase of 48 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and said, "This figure is the highest export figure in January of all time." said.

Ministers Pekcan, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) President Ismail at a press conference held at the Commerce Department Roses has announced its January foreign trade data.

Stating that the support for digital marketing activities will continue to increase in the coming period within the scope of its export vision this year, Pekcan said that efforts to increase e-exports will be accelerated.

Pekcan pointed out that efforts to focus on 2019 target countries and 17 target sectors determined in the Export Master Plan, which they shared with the public in 5, will continue, and stated that additional support will be provided to exporters for these countries.

In addition, emphasizing that they will continue with state aid for export, virtual fairs and virtual trade delegations, efforts to spread exports to the base, Virtual Trade Academy trainings, increasing Eximbank financing opportunities for SMEs, trade diplomacy activities and other activities of the Ministry, Pekcan said, “All this effort and With the support of the studies and the usual determination of our exporters, we aim to exceed the export target of $ 2021 billion for 184, depending on the developments in the pandemic process. he spoke.

"The highest export figure for January of all time"

Pekcan stated that he was very pleased to open the year 2020 with a positive export figure after closing the year 2021 with important records and made the following assessment:

“Our exports in January were 2 billion 2,5 million dollars with an increase of 15 percent compared to the same month of the previous year, although 48 working days were missing. This figure is the highest export figure for January of all time. This figure shows that the growth process observed in our exports in the last quarter of last year continues. On the other hand, our imports in January were 5,6 billion 18 million dollars with a 123 percent decrease compared to the same month of the previous year. Foreign trade deficit in January was 3 billion 75 million dollars. This corresponds to a 32 percent decrease compared to January last year. The ratio of exports to imports increased by 6,5 points in January compared to January last year, reaching a high level of 83 percent. The ratio of exports excluding gold to imports is 87 percent. "

"A development that supports the macroeconomic stability of our country"

Minister Pekcan pointed out that they see the January export value as an important and successful performance despite the observed supply constraints such as the ongoing uncertainty in the global economy, restrictions imposed on trade partners due to the second wave, delays in delivery times and increases in logistics costs, “With the increase in exports The decline in imports led to a decrease in the foreign trade deficit in January. This, of course, is a development that supports the macroeconomic stability of our country. " used the expressions.

Pekcan noted that they will continue their efforts and efforts with the private sector to maintain and develop this strong performance in foreign trade.

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Turkey, the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) said during the exit from the outbreak and will continue to advance in the period after the outbreak, "We believe we will be in a much stronger position in the global economy. We will continue to be one of the liveliest actors of direct investments and international trade. " said.

Pointing out that despite the completion of a difficult year, the epidemic is not yet behind, Pekcan said, “While significant progress has been made in vaccination studies in our country, we continue to stand by our private sector, especially our craftsmen and small businesses, with various support and financing opportunities. he spoke.

Pekcan reminded that as of January 20, direct income and lease support payments were made to tradesmen and craftsmen, and stated that they extended the application period for the supports until March 31.

Explaining that within the scope of the new support mechanism announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, business enterprises whose activities are restricted due to the measures taken in sectors such as restaurants, restaurants and cafes, with a turnover of 2019 million TL or less in 3 and taxed in real way, Pekcan said, “Accordingly, the turnover is in 2020. A support payment of 50 percent of the turnover loss, not less than 2 thousand lira and no more than 40 thousand lira, will be made to our enterprises, which decreased by 3 percent or more compared to the previous year. used the expression.

Pekcan pointed out that throughout 2020, especially within the framework of the Economic Stability Shield Measure Package, many facilities and support were offered to the private sector in terms of tax, employment and financing.

Stating that the Ministry made a total support payment of 3 billion 150 million TL to exporters of goods and services last year, Pekcan said, “This year, we aim to support our exporters with 4,1 billion TL. Türk Eximbank, on the other hand, provided 3,6 billion dollars of financing last year, with an increase of 45,6 percent compared to the previous year. Our goal this year is to increase this figure even more. " said.

"Turkey's foreign trade and growth performance was degraded in a positive direction"

Ministers Pekcan, Turkey's foreign trade performance and growth with the support provided by many countries in terms of pointing to decompose, leaving behind positively, he said:

"Pandemics and occurred despite historical contraction in the global economy caused by the pandemic, this performance is always an indication of our high potential in the production and export dynamism with which we have to underline Turkey's economy. Exhibited strong stance and strength of our producers, our working people, is the success of our exporters and industrialists and Turkey. We maintain and maintain our strong stance. "

"The rise in PMI gives a very positive signal for the next period"

Stating that the manufacturing industry capacity utilization rates have continued to rise since May 2020, Pekcan explained that the real sector confidence index continued to increase on an annual basis in January 2020 as well.

Minister Pekcan reminded that the Manufacturing Industry Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), which was announced yesterday, rose to 3,6 in January, with a strong increase of 54,4 points on a monthly basis, and said, “This points to the strongest improvement since July 2020. and gives a very positive signal for the next period. " he spoke.

New Export Orders Index at 5,7 percentage point increase in recorded Pekcan stated that, clearly these increases in indices of other countries, he said Turkey's positive decompose.

"We believe we will be in a much stronger position in the global economy after the pandemic"

Pekcan, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently issued a report in 2021 for that global economic growth at 5,5 per cent and 8 per increase forecast per cent in global trade Recalling, while the 2021 growth forecast for Turkey 1 percentage point upward revision by 6 percent as reminded that it was announced.

Controlling the epidemic, and improvements will be seen in foreign markets, Turkey's exports to the fast and powerful manner in which Pekcan stating that reflected, "as Turkey and after the pandemic exit from the pandemic maintaining our breakthrough in the new era, we believe we will be in a much stronger position in the global economy. We will continue to be one of the liveliest actors of direct investments and international trade. " found the assessment.

Minister Pekcan concluded his words as follows: “Our qualified human resources, our geostrategic position, our competitive advantages, our solid infrastructure in production, quality and exports, our vision of innovation, our proximity to large markets, our diversified domestic production and domestic technology works, the new economy and law The reform process and the strong initiatives taken in our country and in our region under the leadership of our President and the leadership exhibited will help us reach our goals for the next period with firm steps. "

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