Turkish SMEs to sell to the world with Chinese e-commerce giant

turk kobiler will sell to the world with cinli e trade giant
turk kobiler will sell to the world with cinli e trade giant

MNG Cargo, which operates under the brand name of INTER by MNGkargo in the field of international transportation, has signed cooperation with China's online shopping giant DHgate. With this agreement, MNG Kargo undertakes an important transportation role in the 2020 million dollar e-export move of SMEs that will sell to the world via DHgate in 100. Turkey, which will open with the world INTER mngkargo by DHgate, the world's largest 5. e-commerce site with turnover. With more than one million products, the brand is one of the first and most influential players in the B40B e-commerce market in the People's Republic of China. SMEs in Turkey with this cooperation will get the opportunity to sell to the world market.

INTER by MNGkargo, the expert brand of MNG Kargo that provides services in the field of overseas transportation, continues to expand its access network. In line with serving the needs of its customers flexible shape shipment and delivery options INTER mngkargo by SMEs in Turkey's 81 provinces it is preparing to launch the world's 220 countries. China's online shopping giant DHgate agreed by INTER mngkargo, DHgate will carry out all operations in the Turkey leg. DHgate market since 2015. Turkey, which has the world's largest e-commerce site 5 turnovers. DHgate, one of the first and most influential actors of the B2B e-commerce market in the People's Republic of China, has 2019 million registered buyers as of 22.

40 more than one million products sold

This deal, signed with DHgate, where more than 40 products are sold, will enable Turkish SMEs to enter both the Chinese market and be effective in global e-commerce. SMEs will be able to sell online to the world by opening online stores within DHgate. The products will be delivered with MNG Cargo guarantee. MNG Cargo, which attaches great importance to SMEs, develops its products and services in line with their needs in order to support SMEs with increasing need for access through e-commerce growth. Aiming to increase the share of the e-commerce market in the 2019 and 2020 years, MNG Cargo is making technological investments for this purpose. With this collaboration, 2020 is planning to make a million dollar e-export in 100. According to sectoral data of 2018 year, e-export increased by 200 and reached 1 billion dollars. MNG Kargo aims to dominate the 10 of total e-exports with this agreement.

Our SMEs will find customers abroad

In his speech at the signing ceremony, MNG Kargo Deputy General Manager for Overseas Services said: m We are excited and happy to be opened to new markets in the international arena. With this cooperation with DHgate, we will increase our share in the global market and move the quality of MNG Cargo to the whole world. This cooperation will enable our SMEs around the 3 million 500 thousand in our country to find customers abroad. The e-export gate will be opened further. MNG Cargo is ready to give all kinds of support. With this cooperation, a great opportunity for e-export was born. Bu

DHgate founder and CEO Diane Wang Shutong, "the ancient Silk Road in the steps we take to Turkey to be able to again perform as an electronic Silk Road We're pleased to cooperate with INTER by mngkargo. We rely on MNG Cargo's local power in the 81 province. China will be an important market for SMEs who want to sell to global markets. We will make it possible for SMEs that make trade on the internet to open to foreign markets and sell products to all parts of the world. Turkish SMEs will get the chance to sell to our registered customers through our 22 million platform. Türk

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