İzmir Kültürpark Development Plan for Protection was Unanimously Accepted

The development plan for the protection of kulturpark was also unanimously accepted.
The development plan for the protection of kulturpark was also unanimously accepted.

In the first meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council in February, a decision was made regarding the financial support to be made to the households and workplaces damaged by the flood disaster on February 2. The new conservation development plan prepared for Kültürpark was also accepted in the Parliament. Drawing attention to the fact that the plan work is carried out with a participatory process, Mayor Soyer said, “Kültürpark, one of the most important historical heritage of İzmir, has gained a strong constitution”.

In the Parliament, the Cultural Park Protection Development Plan prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was unanimously accepted. President Tunç Soyer pointed out that a participatory process was carried out with a common mind for a year in his presentation on the Culture Park Plan and said, “Following the local elections held on 31 March 2019, taking into account the sensitivities about Kültürpark, the opinions and suggestions of the relevant parties for the Development Plan, It was decided to conduct analysis, ”he said. Stating that first a Search Conference was held and then meetings were held with the participation of professional associations as well as relevant non-governmental organizations, Soyer said, “A technical delegation consisting of representatives of professional associations and relevant units of our Municipality was formed. This delegation held eleven separate meetings. In these meetings, it was decided to conduct additional analysis studies to constitute data for the Conservation Development Plan. In this context, Kültürpark Flora, Culture Park's Fauna, Effects of Kültürpark on the Urban Ecosystem, Evaluation of Kültürpark's Transport Capacity, Kültürpark Building Inventory, Kültürpark Structures Architectural Report, Kültürpark Sculptures, Usage-User Profile of Kültürpark, Kültürpark as an Emergency Disaster Gathering Area Scientific / expert reports titled Final Report were prepared ”.

"Kültürpark has a strong constitution"

Emphasizing that the plan decisions in the proposal for Conservation Zoning Plan were determined in line with the upper-scale plan decisions, taking into consideration the flora and fauna of the area as well as historical references and the decisions of the Conservation Board / Conservation Regional Board regarding the area, Soyer said, Besides, it is also a Historical Site. In this context, it was aimed to ensure the continuity of the International Fair, which reflects the historical site quality, that one of the foundation purposes of the Kültürpark area is the realization of the fair / exhibition activity. In this direction, the precedent was determined as 2 for the entire area, excluding the registered and protected buildings, in order to reduce the rate of construction in the current plan and to demolish the existing hangars / halls. A plan note was added that "In addition to the use of green areas, there will be functions of culture, arts, sports, recreation, entertainment, social facilities, International Fair exhibition area." The floor area of ​​the halls was reduced from 0,05 thousand square meters, and the floor area in this area was reduced to 27 thousand square meters. In the area where Celal Atik Sports Hall is located, partial housing is envisaged with a floor area of ​​12 thousand square meters. Thus, it was aimed to continue the International Fair activity, which would reflect the historical identity of the area on the one hand, and to renew the Celal Atik Sports Hall in order to make it more functional, on the other hand.

Thanking the Metropolitan bureaucrats, chamber representatives and members of the council and commission who worked on this issue, Soyer said, “Kültürpark, one of the most important legacies of İzmir, has gained a strong constitution”.

"Green space is increasing"

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Gender Equality Commission President and CHP Group SözcüAttorney Nilay Kökkılınç, on the other hand, said, “The views of İzmir on Kültürpark were received for a year. It was only requested that the management and operation plan of the Legal Commission Kültürpark also come to the agenda of the municipal council and the plan was approved by the Izmir Number 1 Cultural Heritage Preservation Board. The reconstruction and education commission also wanted the names of the places identified with Kültürpark and included in the city memory (Atlas Pavilion, Cubana, Golf Restaurant, Palmiye Casino, etc.) and their traces to be kept alive by taking into account the projects and applications to be made. With this zoning plan, the green area in Kültürpark increases and construction decreases ”.

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