Does It Revert To Its Original Form After Nose Aesthetics?

ankara and nose aesthetics
ankara and nose aesthetics

Rhinoplasty; It is a type of aesthetics that is generally preferred for the removal of deformities seen in the nose, as well as changing the deformities seen in the nose while eliminating health problems. People who want to have a nose job; They should know the situations that will arise before and after aesthetics. The most curious issue after surgery is whether the nose returns to its original state. In this context; In some cases, it should be known that the nose may return to its previous state, and in some cases it cannot, and it should be taken into account what changes have been made over the initial state of the nose.

In Which Cases Does The Nose Return To Its Old Form After Nose Aesthetics?

After the rhinoplasty is completed, the nose can be restored depending on the previous state of the nose and the operation status.

In this context, the situations where the nose can be restored are as follows:

  • The previous state of the nose was low nose and after the operation; In cases where the nose is blown, tampons have been removed before the time it should be removed, it may return to its original state.
  • The fact that the tip or various parts of the nose is disproportionately large is a situation that is corrected after nasal aesthetics. However, what will emerge later; edema accumulation in the nose, excessive growth in the nose with the body during pregnancy and re-growth may occur in such cases.
  • The removal of meats in the nose is also provided by nasal aesthetic surgeries. However, flesh formation can be observed again as a result of the nasal structure and the health condition of the person. In such cases, the nose will return to its pre-aesthetic state.

As a result of the mentioned situations, the nose is like before the nose aesthetics; partly, it can rotate in the same way or with more effect.

What Should Be Done To Not Return To Its Old Form After Nose Aesthetics?

People who have nasal aesthetics and are worried about their nose returning should not worry about this. Because the nose will not return to its original state in cases recommended by the doctor and with due attention.

Within the scope of the stated, the things to pay attention and do are as follows:

  • Tampons that are placed in the nose and help to form the shape have a certain period of use. These times, by the doctors; It is determined depending on whether the operation is easy or difficult, the predicted well-being period of the person who undergoes rhinoplasty and the body structure. The tampons are never removed before the specified time.
  • To give the necessary importance that the dressings that need to be done after the surgery are done on time
  • In addition, it is necessary to attach importance to the nose, which has become the desired aesthetic, not to be hit after the surgery. Because, most of the nose aesthetics; It is applied depending on the appearance of the nose. As a result, it is quite possible that the nose is deformed again in case of an impact.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the creams and medicines that should be used. Thanks to the drugs, blood values ​​are normalized and the bone structure is also stronger. Thanks to the creams, it is ensured that the scars of the surgery are completely removed and the desired appearance is formed.

Paying attention to such situations is the procedure that people who have anxiety should do if the nose returns to its original state after rhinoplasty. If they provide the necessary care, people who have a rhinoplasty should know that their nose will not return to its original state.

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