Airbus Calls For Use Of Hydrogen In Airports

Hydrogen Usage Called at Airbus Airports
Hydrogen Usage Called at Airbus Airports

Paris Region, Choose Paris Region, Groupe ADP, Air France-KLM and Airbus launch an unprecedented worldwide call to call attention to hydrogen use at airports

Paris Region, Groupe ADP, Air France-KLM and Airbus are calling on air transport operations to explore the opportunities created by hydrogen at Paris airports to decarbonise.

This awareness call, in line with the French government's energy transition strategy, is supported by the European Commission, which strives for zero-emission aircraft by 2035.

With the awareness that hydrogen will revolutionize the way airport infrastructures are designed and operated, all stakeholders aim to identify and support developments that will help make Paris airports a true 'hydrogen hub'.

The international awareness call, initiated with the support of the International Choose Paris Region agency responsible for the international promotion of the Paris region, aims to build a unique airport ecosystem around hydrogen, united around large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, laboratories and universities.

This open innovation initiative is an important step to kick off this technological breakthrough around the entire hydrogen value chain in the airport city.

The five partners share a common goal: to identify and characterize advances in research and technologies, and then test economically viable solutions to meet hydrogen needs at the airport, specifically to identify medium-term supply and larger scale utilization challenges for operating a future hydrogen-powered aircraft.

This important call focuses on three main themes:

Storage, transport and distribution (liquid or gas) in the airport environment (storage systems, micro liquefaction, aircraft refueling, etc.)

Diversification of hydrogen use in airports and all aviation (ground handling vehicles and equipment, rail transport reaching airports, energy supply for buildings or aircraft during ground operations, etc.)

Circular economy around hydrogen (recovery of spent hydrogen during liquid hydrogen refueling, recovery of a by-product from a reaction to produce decarbonized hydrogen, etc.)

Applications will be made on between February 11 - March 19, 2021, and selected projects will be announced at the end of April.

“Airbus is determined to have a bold vision for the future of sustainable aviation and drive the transition to zero-emission commercial flight,” said Jean-Brice Dumont, Airbus Engineering Vice President. Hydrogen is one of the most promising technologies to help us achieve this goal, but we cannot do this alone. This revolution also requires our regulatory and infrastructure ecosystems to change around the world. Airports play an important role in ensuring this transition from today. We hope this open innovation initiative will encourage the development of creative projects and solutions, ”he said.

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