Bursa Fire Department Intervened in the Ship Fire Off Çanakkale

Bursa Fire Department Responded to the Ship Fire in Canakkale Openings
Bursa Fire Department Responded to the Ship Fire in Canakkale Openings

The images of the fire brigade of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, who intervened in the fire that broke out off Çanakkale at night, revealed the tough fight of the firemen.

A Turkish person traveling from Istanbul's Tuzla Port to Italy's Trieste Port bayraklı Upon smoke noticed by the crew on the main deck of the 193-meter Ro-Ro ship named 'Gallipoli Seaways', the captain of the ship informed the Çanakkale Strait Vessel Traffic Services. The 26 gross ton ship was directed to the scene with 'Rescue-525' and 'Rescue-10' tugboat belonging to the General Directorate of Coastal Safety and 4 Coastal Safety boats. Approximately 6 miles from Ayvacık's Babakale village, the ship tilted at 35 degrees was berthed to a private port on the coast of Kumburun, in the Ezine district of Çanakkale. As the Çanakkale fire brigade was insufficient, AFAD Presidency assigned firefighters in the surrounding provinces, including Bursa, for firefighting.

Bursa fire department is active

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department teams departed for Çanakkale at 00.30:6 at night with 12 fire trucks and 220 personnel. Arriving in the region after the Tekirdağ fire brigade, the Bursa team made superhuman efforts to extinguish the fire that broke out on the ship with 24 vehicles and XNUMX people. The footage of the intervention recorded on mobile phones reveals the firefighters' struggle to put out the fire. While the fire was extinguished with the support of the Balıkesir and Istanbul fire brigades that came later, cooling works continue.

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