Kayseri Switched to LED Light Signalization System

Kayseri switched to led light signaling system
Kayseri switched to led light signaling system

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has started the study of LED light signaling system in order to make traffic lights more visible and aesthetic in the busy areas of the city.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work on traffic lights, which play an important role in regulating traffic flow, switched to the LED light signaling system, taking into account the intensity of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Cumhuriyet Square and Sivas Street, the busiest streets of the city.

With the new system, traffic lights have been made safer and more aesthetic. Citizens also welcomed the replacement of the lighting in the traffic signaling system with LED technology, which can be seen more easily from afar and has a long life.

Günceleme: 12/02/2021 12:29

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