Aprilia RS 660 Pre-Sales Output in Turkey

aprilia rs appeared on sale in Turkey
aprilia rs appeared on sale in Turkey

📩 20/02/2021 15:50

Aprilia launched the RS 660 model, which is the symbol of the brand's new era with its technologies, new generation engine and unique design language.

Designed to comfortably meet both daily use and track use, RS 660 offers an extremely light structure with only 183 kg weight. The Aprilia RS 5, which has 660 different driving modes, three for daily use and two for track use, attracts attention at first sight with its exciting design language and superior electronic technology. Taking its power from the new 100 HP 660 cc twin-cylinder engine to be used in the brand's future models, the RS 660 produces 10.500 HP at 100 rpm and 8.500 Nm of torque at 67 rpm. The RS 139, which is offered for pre-sale in our country at a price of 900 thousand 660 TL, complements its young and dynamic character with Acid Gold, a very special color.

Aprilia introduced the RS 660, the first member of its motorcycle series, which responds to the demands of new generation motorcycle users for fun, easy handling and satisfying performance. Equipped with a new 100 HP 660 cc parallel twin cylinder engine, Aprilia RS 660 draws attention with its exciting design language and advanced technology. Having a perfect power-weight balance, RS 660 brings together tradition and the future by bringing the concept of sportiness to a new level. With its easy handling, the RS 660 is suitable for road use as well as supporting exciting track experiences when necessary. Offering these features accessible to everyone, RS 660 brings a new breath to the world of motorcycles as a very special concept that embodies Aprilia values ​​and is unique from its color to its design and technology. The RS 139, which is offered for pre-sale in our country at a price of 900 thousand 660 TL, complements its young and dynamic character with Acid Gold, a very special color.


Aprilia's racing experiences transferred to the RS 660

For the first time in this class, the RS 660 incorporates the superior technical features gained from Aprilia's racing experience and brings these technologies to street use, further enhancing the pleasure of driving. One of the keys to superior driving pleasure is lightweight construction. RS 660 offers an extremely lightweight construction with a weight of only 183 kg. Advanced APRC electronic driving assistance systems complete this structure. The Aprilia RS 660 also stands out with its striking design and gives insight into the look of future Aprilia sports bikes. The triple LED headlight group consisting of two main headlights and daytime running lights has a characteristic appearance. The direction indicators integrated into the daytime running lights contribute to the nose design look more compact. Thanks to the light sensor, it automatically turns on the headlights when the environment is dark, and the quad flashers turn on automatically in panic brake. The cornering lighting further increases driving safety by providing better illumination of the relevant side during turns.

Equipped with double granage with integrated aerodynamic solutions, the RS 660 also demonstrates the importance Aprilia has given to aerodynamic research with this innovative application. The two-dimensional surface application, the product of a highly sensitive study, combines design and functionality. The efficiency of the solution was analyzed with CFD (Computerized Flow Dynamics) software, then tested in a wind tunnel and finally confirmed by real driving tests in both road and track environment. The technique in question was transferred from the world of racing. Body granage fulfills two tasks. On the one hand, granage optimizes driving stability at high speeds, directing the hot air coming out of the engine and radiator, increasing driver comfort.

The driving position is suitable for both daily use and tracks

Offering an extremely ergonomic structure, Aprilia RS 660 fits the driving position, daily use and sportiness. The driver, who dominates the driving in every aspect, can also experience a comfortable ride because he does not have to stand exaggerated. Thus, the RS 660 supports different usage purposes in the best way, including for daily use, long journeys and track. The seat has an extremely comfortable and comfortable padding. The sides of the seat are tapered to facilitate foot contact and maneuvering. The generously sized seat pad's design is taken from the V4 family. Optionally, a single-seat queue can be preferred. Placing the exhaust pipes under the engine offers more space for passenger footrests. While the 15 liter capacity fuel tank is integrated into the body to be protected by the body, it also allows the rider to embrace the motorcycle with its ergonomic design. In line with the traditions of Aprilia sports models, equipment such as mirrors, passenger footrests and license plate holders on the RS 660 are designed to be removed quickly and practically.

The RS 660 continues the tradition of the brand with its cast aluminum chassis and swing arm and continues to lead the motorcycle world. The dimensions of the skeleton support superior driving dynamics and agility. Thanks to the wheelbase of 1.370 mm and the inclination of the handlebar head with an angle of 24,1 °, the RS 660 sets standards in its class by offering superior handling characteristics and an extremely balanced ride. The frame consists of the steering head area and two side beams screwed from the rear. By using the motor as a carrier element, a compact, lightweight yet robust structure is obtained. The swing arm is directed directly at the engine to make the chassis even lighter and more rigid. A typical technical choice for Aprilia RS, it provides a monobloc structure and the length required for optimum grip. The adjustable shock absorber, which is mounted with a special technique, helps to reduce the weight as no additional connections are required.

Top quality brakes and tires increase the fun

Aprilia designers took care of the handlebar head area when designing the chassis to provide the necessary rigidity for both road and track use, while keeping the turning radius very low, increasing ease of daily driving. In this context, the chassis is completed by a 41 mm Kayaba inverted fork. Brembo signed brake system is activated to support sportive and performance rides. A pair of 320mm diameter steel disc radial calipers in the front and a radial master cylinder on the handlebar also offer safe distance for high performance rides. In addition, Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II high-performance tires in sizes 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 180/55 ZR 17 at the rear ensure a safe and fun ride both on the track and on the track. With its powerful engine as well as its superior handling, agility and compact structure, the RS 660 provides an exciting and enjoyable driving experience, especially on winding roads and track.


New generation engine will be used in future models

Aprilia RS 660 also unveils a completely new engine, the 100 cc parallel Twin engine with 660 HP. This engine, which will be used in the motorcycles that Aprilia will sell in the coming period, was sourced from the 660 cc parallel Twin-cylinder engine 1100 cc V4. Benefiting from the blessings of modern technology, the new generation engine draws attention with its compact dimensions and also mixes the Euro 5 norm. The architecture in question was preferred for compact and lightweight construction. An engine with reduced width and length offers design freedom for the arrangement of engine side elements, such as an intake manifold or an exhaust system. Not only does the engine take over the task of power generation, it also supports the chassis as a carrier element. In this structure, the swing is also fixed to the engine. The forward-slanted configuration provides greater comfort to the driver thanks to more heat directing, while also giving designers more freedom to use the space. A superior cooling is provided with the help of double-walled body elements aiming to accelerate the air flows passing through it. One-piece and long exhaust manifolds were designed to maximize efficiency and relieve gas flow. Apart from that, the exhaust system has been placed under the engine to improve weight distribution and lower the center of gravity.

The new Aprilia twin-cylinder engine incorporates the highly advanced engine technologies used in the RSV4. In this way, it stands out with its high performance and high level of efficiency. The cylinder head, combustion chambers, channels, cylinders and pistons were all transferred from V4. As a result, it has a 1.078 mm diameter value and a 4 mm stroke, just like the 81 cc V63,9 engine. The applied technical architecture brings along high piston speeds compared to its volume. Consequently, components such as cast parts or molds were largely redesigned. In order to reduce the overall size of the engine while achieving a more rigid structure, the crank was split horizontally in the new engine, while the cylinders were integrated into the upper crankcase. The cylinders are balanced by the crankshaft to minimize internal friction during the thrust of the piston. The two camshafts of the four-valve engine per cylinder are driven by a side chain. The mechanically operated wet multi-disc clutch has an integrated support and clutch system.

It produces 10.500 HP power at 100 rpm and 8.500 Nm of torque at 67 rpm

The wet sump lubrication solution, applied to provide optimum lubrication conditions in all driving conditions, be it tilting, accelerating or braking, includes an oil pan protruding downward and prepared around the intake port. Compared to the much higher displacement two-cylinder engines, the parallel twin-cylinder engine offers an extremely impressive performance. The motor, in which the circuit breaker is activated at 11.500 rpm, produces 10.500 HP power at 100 rpm and 8.500 Nm of torque at 67 rpm. Producing 80 percent of its maximum torque at 4.000 rpm, the engine still offers 90 percent of the maximum torque at 6.250 rpm. The RS 660 is also available as a 95 HP version for beginners or not so experienced riders. The engine also aimed at a characteristic characteristic of the V-Twin cylinder engine as well as performance and lightness. For this purpose, valve timing with 270 ° connecting rods was preferred. Asymmetrical combustion and 270 ° balancing result in irregular explosions that perform and sound like a V-Twin. Also, this type of configuration helps to easily balance the variable forces in the first and second rows with a single balancer shaft. The injection system includes two 48mm diameter throttle bodies with different lengths of intake channels to optimize mid and high revs. The performance of the new engine is provided by electronic solutions transferred from the Aprilia V4. These include the multi-mapped Ride-by-Wire and electronic throttle lever, which offer smooth and lively acceleration performance at low revs and optimum consumption value.


Aprilia makes a difference again with its electronic technologies

Aprilia RS 660 also stands out with its electronic systems aimed at advanced performance and safety. The RS 660 not only stands out as the most comprehensive electronic model in its class, it can even surpass some super sports models in the superbike league. The RS 660 is equipped with a six-axis inertial platform that detects the motorcycle's position relative to the road thanks to integrated accelerometers and gyros. The system records and processes the inputs from the driver and sends the data to the control unit, which intervenes in the control parameters. RS 660 offers the following electronic solutions to support performance, increase driving safety and make it exciting:

  • ATC (Aprilia Traction Control): Adjustable traction control system characterized by a slim and high performance intervention logic.
  • AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control: Adjustable wheel control system.
  • ACC (Aprilia Cruise Control): System that maintains the set speed without using the throttle handle.
  • AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift): Electronic gearbox that enables high speed gear shifting without throttle or clutch. It is also equipped with a downshifting function that allows downshifting without touching the clutch. Thanks to the software offered as original accessories, the gearbox can be adjusted for track use without replacing parts.
  • AEB (Aprilia Engine Brake: Adjustable engine brake control system for deceleration.
  • AEM Aprilia Engine Map): There are different forms of mapping to change the engine characteristic and the way it produces engine power.

Three normal driving modes and two track modes are exciting

Aprilia RS 660 is also equipped with advanced multi-map Cornering ABS to ensure maximum safety on the road without sacrificing its sporting performance. Extremely light and compact system; It manages the braking system for optimized braking performance and stability thanks to a special algorithm that continuously monitors various parameters such as lateral acceleration, pressure applied to the front brake lever, lean angles, slope and yaw. Aprilia offers five different driving modes to not only maximize the driving experience in different driving conditions, but also to offer an easier ride. Of the driver; To automatically get the best setting for traction control, wheel control, engine braking, ABS and other adjustable parameters, it just needs to select the driving mode that suits their needs. There are three driving modes for road use: “Casual” for average daily rides such as commuting to work, “Dynamic” for being a little more sporty in daily use, and “Personal” with electronic controls that allow personalization. Apart from that, there are two other driving modes designed for track use. The "Challenge" offers the possibility to exploit the full potential of the RS 660 in track use. Time Attack allows the experienced rider to completely change the electronic setup. Electronic settings are easily managed through a four-button control in the left-hand electric switch block, where there are controls to also manage cruise control and traction control systems. To minimize weight, the RS 660 is equipped with a lightweight lithium battery.

Easy to use for smartphones with connectivity technology

The full color TFT instrument panel shows various parameters extremely clearly and legibly. Thanks to the light sensor, there are two different screen displays, "Road" or "Track", both of which have automatic day or night lighting. Aprilia MIA, a multimedia platform that enables Aprilia's smartphone to connect to the motorcycle, offers a much wider range of functionality. Aprilia MIA, which minimizes the battery consumption of the smartphone, through intuitive controls on the handlebars and voice commands; It offers a connectivity protocol to manage functions such as navigation, call music. Thus, for example, after entering the target smartphone, the routing can be followed directly from the control panel. The Aprilia MIA app also allows all travel routes to be recorded and data collected via georeferenced telemetry functionality to be analyzed later through the app.

Acid Gold, Lava Red and Apex Black add color

Aprilia, the first manufacturer to break the black and red monopoly with its innovative color application in the 1990s, once again goes beyond the existing mold and rewrites the rules. Launching the RS 660 to the market with the new Acid Gold color, which is a first in the world of motorcycles, Aprilia brings a new perspective to sportiness and a new approach to high performance sports motorcycle design. On the other hand, Aprilia RS 660 is offered in two different graphic themes. Lava Red stands out with colors that refer to Aprilia's well-established sporting past. Combination of purple and red; It refers to the RS 1994 in the 250 Reggiani Replica version, the last true sports bike of the two-stroke era, and still loved by motorcyclists and highly sought after by collectors. Another graphic theme, Apex Black, stands out with a completely black appearance. This, too, is part of Aprilia sporting history and stands out with red accents.

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