In Turkey, converted from a first 100 percent electric diesel buses were produced!

electric bus has been converted produced in the face of a first diesel turkiyede
electric bus has been converted produced in the face of a first diesel turkiyede

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow, a first in Turkey by throwing more signatures made from recycled 100 percent of the production of diesel electric buses. Metropolitan Municipality affiliate BELKA A.Ş. President Yavaş, who introduced the model project produced by Ş., to the public, said, “From now on, hopefully we will see electric buses on the streets of Ankara. "We are planning to start mass production after the approval of the Ministry of Industry". The eco-friendly project, which will transform expired public transportation vehicles into 100 percent electric buses, has successfully passed the tests at European standards.

electric bus has been converted produced in the face of a first diesel turkiyede

Eco-friendly projects that add a new one to Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow down, we realized Turkey's first 100 percent electric buses converted from diesel production achieved another signature transportation in the capital.

Taking action after the European Union's decision to abolish urban diesel public transportation in 2025, Mayor Yavaş, municipal subsidiary BELKA A.Ş. produced by "transformed Turkey's first 100% electric bus" was introduced to the public nude.


Tests of the EU converting the bus diesel by BELKA Inc. standard successfully passed the "Turkey's first converted 100% electric bus" Slow president who attended the introductory program organized for, to prevent the air pollution related to electric bus made the following statement:

“We've transformed an old bus from becoming fully electric. Old buses were extremely unfavorable for Ankara in terms of both air pollution and fuel consumption. Because in Ankara, there is air pollution from time to time due to the use of vehicles and other reasons. Currently tests have been completed according to European standards. After applying to the Ministry of Industry and getting the approval, we will now take care of mass production. From now on, we will hopefully see electric buses on the streets of Ankara. "

Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality transformed this bus with its own means and technology, Mayor Yavaş said, “It depends on a certain time, but at least we have shown that this can be done with our own technology. In addition, our efforts will continue to produce all parts coming from abroad in our country. I think it is a good example. We hope to achieve an electrical transformation as soon as possible by increasing the capacity further by meeting with universities and the business world. "

electric bus has been converted produced in the face of a first diesel turkiyede


The bus transformed by BELKA engineers and employees includes 100 percent electric powered, nature friendly, quiet, much more economical and advanced technology.

Stating that with the renewal of the existing system, the service life of at least 15 years is extended, BELKA A.Ş. General Manager Dursun Çiçek shared the following information:

“This study can be easily applied to public transportation vehicles that have expired 10-15 years, heavy maintenance processes have begun, and similar public transportation and service vehicles in every segment. We were able for the first time 16-year-old former bus 100 percent conversion of electric buses in Turkey. It successfully passed all tests in European standards. It is a very important development for our country and Ankara. I hope this will continue. In road tests, we found 300 km range with our bus and 400 km in ideal conditions. Fully charged in 3 hours. This charge can last more than a day. The rough cost of our bus is equivalent to the price of a domestic bus 3/1. In terms of fuel, there is a fuel cost of 5 in 1 compared to the diesel bus of the same age in the same segment. We have achieved these transformations with the employees and facilities of our municipality. Our next goal is to localize some of the items and software imported from abroad by cooperating with our local companies and universities. In the coming weeks, our president will also evaluate new investments. "


While a 3 percent electric bus is transformed into a 1/100 cost of zero electric bus cost, only the fuel difference in the conversion of a diesel bus to an electric bus has the ability to pay for itself in 3,5 years. After the conversion process, buses have a lifespan of 15 years and provide nearly 80 percent fuel savings, and can travel approximately 3 to 4 kilometers with a charge of 300-400 hours with night charge.

With the main systems such as diesel engine, transmission and fuel tank that were released in the BELKA Atelier, the bus was lightened over a thousand kilograms and the load distribution was made more balanced. As a result of the tests, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality BELKA Workshop will be the first company to receive 100 percent electrical conversion and modification authorization.

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