Updated Contact Tracking for People with Mutated Viruses

Updated contact tracking for people with mutated viruses
Updated contact tracking for people with mutated viruses

The Contact Tracking, Outbreak Management, Home Patient Monitoring and Fillation Guide prepared by the Coronavirus Scientific Committee were updated, and two items related to the treatment process of people with mutations were added.

Since cohorting people infected with different strains (especially variant strains) in the same room may cause a new variant strain by causing recombination in viruses, it is recommended that patients should be hospitalized in single rooms as much as possible during this period.

Isolation of positive cases infected with the variant strain should be continued until the 10th day at the earliest, and the isolation should be terminated after negative results are seen with the PCR test. It is recommended that people who test positive after the 10th day continue to perform a control test every 48 hours.

The quarantine period of certain case contacts infected with the variant strain is at least 10 days, and at the end of this period, the quarantine should be terminated by showing negative PCR. "

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