Architects and Engineers Can Also Be Inspectors at DHMİ

Architects and Engineers May Also Be Mufettis in DHMI
Architects and Engineers May Also Be Mufettis in DHMI

📩 05/02/2021 17:45

DHMİ General Directorate Inspection Board Regulation was amended. The new regulation entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated 03.02.2021 and numbered 31384.

With the amendment, in addition to making the necessary updates in accordance with Presidential Decrees and other relevant legislation, engineers and architects have also been given the opportunity to become assistant inspectors.


DHMİ, which has become a world brand in airport operations with its passenger-friendly applications, has become one of the most important investment institutions of our country by signing the biggest projects in the history of the Republic. In addition, the provision of technical services, which are special in terms of business administration in our organization, has made it necessary to employ inspectors with knowledge and skills in this field.

With the regulation change made with a visionary approach, opening the path to assistant inspectors for graduates of Law, Political Sciences, Economics, Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences as well as those who have received engineering and architecture education has met an important need.

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