Trabzon Transportation Master Plan Information Meeting Was Held

Trabzon transportation master plan information meeting was held
Trabzon transportation master plan information meeting was held

To the meeting where Trabzon's transportation problem was discussed; Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genç, Akçaabat Mayor Osman Nuri Ekim, TTSO President Suat Hacısalihoğlu, AK Party Trabzon Provincial President Haydar Revi, MHP Trabzon Provincial President Bekir Sıtkı Tarım, İYİ Party Trabzon Provincial President Azmi Güçlüli, Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Ahmet Adanur, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Mehmet Karaoğlu, councilors, professional chambers and the heads and representatives of non-governmental organizations, KTU faculty members, institution heads and press members attended.


Stating that they have started to solve the transportation issue, which is one of the most important problems of Trabzon, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Today is an important day for Trabzon. I hope that we have started to talk about a very talked issue in Trabzon since the day I started working. Trabzon is a very problematic city in terms of transportation and traffic. When we ask our people about the problems of the city, the issue of transportation always comes first. Today, we have taken the first step for the Transportation Master Plan, which will look at this issue as a whole, discuss it with scientific data and put forward suggestions at the solution point. Since the first day we took office, we have been working very intensely for all the issues of our city. At the solution point, we work intensely with the district mayors and other dynamics. And we started to realize the projects we made since last year. Our city realizes this. When we realize our projects as individual investments, we will realize a more livable Trabzon together. ”


Mayor Zorluoğlu, who informed the participants about their important activities in the field of transportation within their 1-year term, said: “The dolmus transformation was a topic that has been talked about in Trabzon for many years. It was clear that our minibuses serving in Trabzon since 2002 no longer provide the comfort and security expected by our people. Within this framework, we held meetings that lasted days. As a result, we reduced the number of minibus from Trabzon to 729 from 689. We turned 40 dolmies into 80 taxis. We converted our 689 dolmies to 12 + 1 shape and made them suitable for the use of disabled people. Metropolitan Municipality will actively take part in the supervision of minibuses, training of friends who are drivers and giving certificates and will closely monitor this system. Our new minibuses will be comfortable. Problems such as air conditioning and ventilation will disappear. There will be a security camera in every minibus. This process is not yet complete. Although it has been hanging for a few months due to the pandemic, the system we have established by the end of this year will be fully implemented. ”


Stating that a decision has also been taken regarding the modernization of minibuses in Akçaabat, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We have made the transformation decision regarding Akçaabat in UKOME recently. We also carry out a transformation in line with the local demand. As a result of the decision we made, 291 minibuses will turn into 40 25 + 30 and 25 17 + 1 buses. The process continues. If 51 percent of the beneficiaries there support the proposal and bring their consent to us, I hope there will be a major reform regarding Akçaabat. The reform in Akçaabat is different from the center and turns into a bus. The buses will operate under the card system and Metropolitan Municipality ”.


Stating that they have taken initiative for the service minibuses that have been on the agenda of the city for a long time, President Zorluoğlu said, “We limited our 1112 services to the number by giving a new plate group J plates and for a long time, this number of services will serve our city. We had 89 taxis related to transportation. We currently have 40 taxis by converting 80 minibuses to 169 taxis. We have determined 23 stops for these. Regarding these places, we will soon build beautiful taxi stands that will suit the city. They will add a different beauty to our city. We will also apply the control system we have introduced for minibuses for taxis. ”


Emphasizing that they have renewed the Metropolitan Municipality bus fleet, Mayor Zorluoğlu said: “We bought 9 new buses, 12 of which were 7 meters, 10 of them were 4 meters, and 18 of them were 20 meters. This cost us about 18 million. Currently, 20 buses are operational. On the one hand, we are renewed by separating existing old buses. We eliminate the problems that our citizens have about air conditioning in summer and warming in winter. This year, we will add new ones to our bus fleet in line with our budget. On the one hand, we attached importance to institutionalization in the field of transportation. In addition to the Transportation Department, Transportation Inc. We established a professional team. We handed over the issue of public transportation to them. They examine the whole system with a professional approach. They make an effort to make our buses run more profitable. ”


Stating that they have completed another Zorluoğlu new bus station project, “I hope we are going to tender at the end of this month as of the beginning of July. We will start the bus station on the Maçka road in an area very close to the current bus station, like August and September. In the next few years, we will have a much more modern bus station in place of the existing bus station, which is no longer considered to be old and fit in Trabzon. A great investment. It will cost 70 million lira. We hope that we will close the gap with a nice project that includes 28 vehicle bus platforms, 104 vehicle parking lot, 20 vehicle service parking lot, 1200 square meter commercial area and 800 square meter office space. ”


Providing information about the project that will solve the transportation and traffic problems of the eastern part of the city, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “The realization of this project, which we have shared with the public many times, announced by our former Minister of Transportation, Cahit Turhan Bey, is a joint accomplishment with our MPs, politicians and the dynamics of the city. Our southern road is not directly connected to the coastal road. Connecting the road from Erzurum to the coastal road was a long-awaited issue in the city. We finally brought it to life. Now, a very important work has been started to be connected to the clover junction in Trabzon Port by tunnel from Bulak location. On the one hand, the tunnel work started by Bulak, and on the other hand, the embankment started for the clover intersection work just east of the port. Hopefully, when it is completed, this heavy traffic issue in Değirmendere will be history. In addition, by direct connections to Boztepe and Çukurçayır, we will have solved the traffic problem in the east of the city to a great extent. Currently, this work has started in Değirmendere. ”


Stating that one of the points where Trabzon traffic is obstructed is the Pottery Tunnel, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Long lines are formed on both sides. I hope that we will bring our city to an uninterrupted coastal road there by opening a new tunnel by Molos of the tunnel and removing it from the region where the Basic Land Quran Course from the Potter is on the other side. The project of this has been approved and the work is starting soon. Much progress has been made on Kanuni Boulevard. We recently opened a new part of it. A vision project that combines the west of the city and the east from the top line. I hope we are in an intense effort to complete it in a short time. We are grateful to our Transport Ministers. We present our gratitude to our President. In the sense of the traffic of Trabzon, uninterrupted transportation will be provided from Değirmendere to Boztepe directly, when the very important project that will ensure the transportation of the upper elevations without going down, will be completed. ”

We are bringing new parking lots to life in the city center

Stating that they attach great importance to the issue of parking, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “When we complete our parking on tangent within 1 month, our new parking lot for 311 cars will be operational. On weekends, we built a new parking lot with a capacity of 140 cars and opened it to a part of the Botanical Park, which has a parking problem. We will double the capacity of the İskenderpaşa parking lot. This year, we are holding the tender for a 700-car parking lot in Pazarkapı. When we complete it, the vehicle chaos around rubble will be gone. We will realize the project when a permit is issued from the Protection Board regarding a closed car park at the bottom of the area, which is used as an open car park just across the Women's Market. There is also a 50-60 car parking lot in the Women's Market. Cudibey School and Teacher's House project has been completed. The area with the current Cudibey School and the teacher house passes to the Metropolitan Municipality. We are starting the project work about the place. We will provide parking facilities in a portion of the rate. We are creating areas that will provide many new parking services in the city center. ”


Expressing that the districts are trying to find solutions to parking problems, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We started a car park and market place project in Akçaabat. When we realize the project, the problem at Akçaabat center will be solved to a large extent. We will have a market place and parking lot project in our district of Tonya. We look at all of our 18 districts as a whole in terms of transportation. I hope we will do our work that will touch all of our districts. ”


Stating that the Development District and the vicinity of the University are also a problematic area in terms of transportation, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Due to the cafes in the region, it has a problematic density that can even cause the passage of ambulances. We have made a protocol with KTÜ to connect KTÜ Farabi Hospital and KTÜ A gate road to the coastal road. Our project works are about to be completed. We are continuing the stream improvement with DSI. We have designed a two-way project with a length of 550 meters and a width of 10 meters, and we have come to the tender stage. "When we complete our estimate with a cost of 8-9 million in 2021, it will be a nice touch as an alternative project between Sahil and KTÜ as an alternative way, but as a project that will relax."


Emphasizing the completion of the Transportation Master Plan studies at the end of the meeting, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “When the minor deficiencies in the specifications are completed, we will have received the tender day in July. In this way, we will have the Transportation Master Plan, which will produce the most suitable solutions for Trabzon's spatial and commercial structure and zoning situation, within 1 or 2 years. Master plans are feasible if prepared by the city. If the city does not own it, then these are put on the shelves as beautiful books and cannot be applied. I am claiming from the very beginning that we can carry out this process together. When we make the tender and start work, I ask our universities, related professional chambers and NGOs to pay special attention to the Trabzon Transportation Master Plan. It will be a plan in which we imagine the next 15-20 years of Trabzon, and at the same time, we present solutions. "The more the city embraces, the better the plan will be, the better the plan, the more it will contribute to the city."


Following the speeches of Mayor Zorluoğlu, the Transport Department presented a Transportation Master Plan to the participants. After the presentation, the participants gave their opinions about the master plan. At the end of the meeting, Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu answered the questions.

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