İmamoğlu explained the detailed breakdown of the first year to 1 million Istanbul residents

imamoglu explained the detailed weaving of the first year to million istanbulites
imamoglu explained the detailed weaving of the first year to million istanbulites

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluappeared before the public on the first anniversary of the June 23 elections. Emphasizing that the purpose of the meeting was "to account for 16 million", İmamoğlu said, "One of the most beautiful and honorable duties for a public administrator is to give an account." Emphasizing that they will "persistently and often" give an account, İmamoğlu made a detailed breakdown of the "first 1 year" accompanied by slides. Pointing out that they had a successful first year despite the pandemic process, İmamoğlu said, “Dear Istanbulites; As I tried to summarize, we did very well in our first year despite all kinds of problems, obstacles and the coronavirus epidemic. What we did; We did it according to your will and together with you. I am very happy here today. Because we succeeded together,” he said.

Ekrem İmamoğluIn the past 2019, he was elected as the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) twice, and went into the history of both the country and the world. After the 2 March elections were unlawfully canceled by the YSK, Istanbul went to the polls once again on 31 June 23. Completing March 2019, ahead of his opponent with a margin of 31 percent, İmamoğlu increased his vote margin to 0,25 percent on June 23. İmamoğlu appeared before the cameras in the 9st year of his election victory, which took its place in the history of world politics. To the meeting where the messages of CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener were read; Parliamentary Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay, CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun, CHP Istanbul Provincial President Canan Kaftancıoğlu, IYI Party Provincial President Buğra Kavuncu, CHP and IYI Party Istanbul deputies, district mayors and IMM senior management attended the full staff.

İmamoğlu entered the hall, which was organized with a seating arrangement in accordance with social distance rules, with his wife Dilek İmamoğlu. Meeting; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk started with his respect for the arms friend and all martyrs and then the reading of the National Anthem. At the beginning of his speech, İmamoğlu started by saluting the heads of the bar associations and lawyers who went for a march on June 19 with the slogan of "Defense is Walking", but faced intervention at the entrance of Ankara. İmamoğlu;
Kılıçdaroğlu, Akşener, Kaftancıoğlu, Kavuncu, political party representatives, travel partners, his family and his greetings to 16 million Istanbul residents.

Emphasizing that the main purpose of the meeting was to account for 16 million, İmamoğlu said, “One of the most beautiful and honorable duties for a public manager is accountability.” İmamoğlu pointed out that decay will begin if there is no transparency and accountability in the public sector, therefore he underlined that they will “persistently and frequently” account. Emphasizing that those who lived in the country from 31 March to 23 June should not be forgotten, İmamoğlu said, “But it is not these dirty games that should not be forgotten. What should not be forgotten is the answer of 16 million Istanbulers to these games. What should not be forgotten is the will and decision made by Istanbul on democracy and freedoms. What should not be forgotten is the Millet Alliance, which holds the sleepless vigil for weeks on the sacks; It is the sacrifice and determination of choosing thousands of brave and democracy lovers from every party, including CHP and Good Party members. ” Expressing that Istanbul residents display a magnificent will that will inspire the world in both elections, Imamoglu said, “You have declared that you have decided on a new beginning in Istanbul. You chose to live together and brotherly, hope and freedom. I am eternally grateful to all of you. I promise you once again that neither we will forget your historical decision, nor we will frustrate your hopes. " Imamoglu, urban life in Istanbul; He stated that it will be shaped through the concepts of "equality", "solidarity", "production" and "freedom".

İmamoğlu, who officially stated that they were on the job on June 30, 2019, reminded the financial statement they took over as the new management and said:
“We didn't even have the money to pay the salaries of our staff in our safe. We received the IMM with an overdue of approximately 6 billion lira and a large budget deficit of 7,9 billion lira from the budget made by the previous administration. We took over the IMM management with a black hole in need of 14 billion of emergency solutions in total. Moreover, the share of the Ministry of Finance, which was over 1 billion Turkish lira, which had to be paid to us, was used as an advance to the management before us, 15 days before we took office, unprecedented. If you knew we were going to win, why did you cancel March 31. Most of our affiliate companies were made unable to pay their tax debts. ”

Noting that despite all this picture, they continue their way without complaining, Imamoglu stressed that they have started working to repair the great damage. Stating that they have switched to a rapid fiscal discipline and effective budget management practice, İmamoğlu said, “We ended the waste order. For example, we ended up wasting 700 million in total, which was provided to a handful of associations and foundations. We made big savings in almost every unit, in almost every subsidiary and affiliated company. In this way, we were able to enable a structure that both serves, lifts the projects and starts to pay the debts. In this way, when the coronavirus epidemic started, we did not have difficulty in adapting to the conditions. ”

Underlining that they had a successful first year despite all the negativities, all kinds of obstacles and the pandemic process affecting the whole world, İmamoğlu continued his speech accompanied by slides as follows:
"Our income; fell to 5 billion lira lower than our planned budget and 1.5 billion lira lower than the same period of the previous year. By managing our expenses with the savings measures we have taken and effective budget management, we have reached almost the equivalent budget level. The most important factor that compels us in this table is the debts and credit repayments that the previous administrations imposed on IMM. The second important factor is the practices and approaches of the ruling block. For example, the blocking of public banks on our credit requests. For example, the payments related to the subways, such as Başakşehir, which have been transferred to the Ministry of Transportation, at the source of our finance share, in advance and in 50 million monthly slices. If we are not prevented from getting credit; If the total of 300 million liras for this line is not cut from us, we can make the Başakşehir line with a 20-year term and much cheaper. On the one hand, we are prevented from using cheap and very long-term foreign loans, and on the other hand, subway construction is done on our behalf, on our behalf. ”

Emphasizing that the interruption practices made from the source of İBB's Finance share reached “interesting points”, İmamoğlu used the following expressions in another example:
"You know; As in every region, there is a development agency in our region. Our municipality must also pay a dues to this institution called the Istanbul Development Agency by law. See that the previous administrations did not pay the dues and nobody heard. But management please contact us, and although they have no legal basis, Development Agencies and the Association of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB) of 123 million pounds fee, can be transferred to relevant institutions by the Finance cut the source. Moreover, in the case of ongoing lawsuits. These things are weird. Jobs that do not comply with equity and state seriousness. Let me give one more example. In the 1 year before us, an additional financing source was provided by selling 2,77 billion pounds of immovable property owned by IMM. When it comes to us, Parliament's approval regarding the sale of real estate amounting to TL 1,4 billion is suspended since September 2019. ”

Stating that despite all these strange works, they completed the first year without reducing the services and projects, İmamoğlu said, “As we provided the budget discipline, there was no increase in our debt stock despite the large exchange rate in foreign currency. The corona epidemic deeply affected the financial situation of our municipality. In the case of the second wave, we calculate that the total cost of the corona epidemic to IMM will reach 6,5 billion lira. Without the second wave, the cost of the epidemic to our municipality will be approximately 5 billion liras. During the epidemic, the total revenues of our subsidiary companies also declined dramatically. The revenues of some of our subsidiaries, especially our subsidiaries such as IETT, Metro, Ulasim AS, Beltur ve Kultur AS, decreased to 10 percent and below. Despite all these, we have taken our precaution to prevent our affiliates from damaging in total at the end of the year. In summary, we have ended the years of waste and mistakes in the management of the public budget, which is formed by the taxes of the citizens ”.


İmamoğlu, who listed the precautions they have taken from the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic until today, pointed out that they did not disrupt their services throughout the process. Stating that they have turned the crisis into an opportunity to solve the infrastructure problem of the city, which has been spreading for many years, İmamoğlu said:
“Also for Istanbulites; I would like to announce that we have started work for new life valleys, including Haramidere Valley, Nakkaşdere Valley, Tavukçudere Valley, Çırpıcı Valley, Ayvalıdere Valley, Kavaklıdere Valley, İdealtepe Valley, Laundry Stores, Valley of Brigade and Tuzla Valley. All of these completed, ongoing and ongoing valleys, parks and urban forest projects will not only increase the rate of active green areas in Istanbul, but also help our citizens to breathe and to saturate the family green. By completing these projects, we will open them to the service and use of our people. The happiest day of my life will be those days when all these valleys are completed and children play freely on their lawns, where we eliminate the green longing of young people, mothers and elders. Believe that those days are not so far away. ”

Stating that they attach special importance to the squares, which are the symbols of the city, İmamoğlu said, “The Istanbul Planning Agency we just established; He has completed 20 urban designs in 25 districts. Of these, Mecidiyeköy Square, Kartal Square, Bağcılar Square, Bayrampaşa Newborn and Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi squares have come to the application project stage. National and international design competitions were held in Taksim Square, Golden Horn shores, Bakırköy Cumhuriyet Square, Salacak Cape and urban furniture. All these competitions will be concluded in August. In this way, we will rebuild urban areas that add value to the identity of our city and make them available to our people ”.

İmamoğlu also listed the educational institutions and sports halls they brought to the city as follows:
“Istanbul Global City Academy. 2 World Language Centers. Institute Istanbul. Online education for 300.000 Istanbulites. Gaziosmanpaşa, Maltepe, Kartal, Üsküdar, KadıköyIn addition to the gymnasiums of 10 schools in Pendik, Bahçeşehir, Eyüp and Büyükçekmece, we will complete and open another 23 gymnasiums by the end of the year. We will have brought 75 sports facilities, especially the two football fields we completed in Sultanbeyli 11. Yıl Sports Complex and Yenikapı, to Istanbul before the end of the year. ”

Stating that they have started projects that will radically change the understanding of “social issues”, İmamoğlu emphasized that they have started to work to realize the “home like paying rent” application. Imamoglu said, “Because we believe that it is everyone's right to live well in this city. For this purpose, Kiptaş Silivri Houses, consisting of approximately 450 independent departments and shops, which we started, have received 30 applications. This high application rate, never seen in similar ones, is a proof of the financial and architectural integrity of the project and the trust in our management. From now on, we will ensure that our people are the host with our similar projects. ”


The 3 most important threats for Istanbul; İmamoğlu listed as "earthquake", "refugee issue" and "Kanal Istanbul", "We will not allow or destroy the natural environment, habitats and watersheds of this ancient city, so that someone and their immediate surroundings will earn money." He gave detailed information about the problems and solutions for these issues in his speech. Emphasizing that they accept the democratic participation of the people in Istanbul as a basic principle, İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows:
“We want those who live in Istanbul to have a say in all the important decisions concerning Istanbul. Therefore, we started to establish local democratic mechanisms starting from the first day of work. We established the Istanbul City Council, the Istanbul Tourism Platform, the Istanbul Earthquake Platform, the Istanbul Culture and Art Platform and we organized dozens of workshops in these areas. We started to apply the wills from those workshops. We ensured that Istanbul Volunteers turned into urban volunteers and we started many practices on urban solidarity. Because we know that if there is democracy in a city and country, there will be hope and development. ”


İmamoğlu emphasized that after the pandemic process, the life returned to normal, he continued his efforts for the city to rise again in tourism and culture and arts fields. We managed to project in our first year. We make great efforts to protect and bring important structures integrated with the identity of Istanbul to life. We have completed projects for the restoration of the walls of Istanbul, which have not been subject to any restoration or conservation work for 25 years, and have been destroyed, and submitted them to the Regional Protection Board for approval. It is of great importance that the Protection Board for the Walls within the scope of UNESCO world heritage makes an urgent decision and supports our effort. ”

"We are restoring 55 historical fountains that form the identity of Istanbul and bring them to potable water," said İmamoğlu, "We are re-etching the historical cemeteries in our city. Likewise, we have completed the restoration of Gazhane buildings that have been in ruins for years, we add them to the cultural assets of Istanbul in the fall and make them available to our people. While we protect the history of the cherished Istanbul with these efforts, on the other hand, you follow the efforts coming from the ruling block regarding the historical structures, which are the main element of the identity of Istanbul after we come to work. You can see the efforts of detaching buildings such as the Galata Tower, Haydarpaşa Station, Sirkeci Station, which are the pearl of Istanbul from the municipality of Istanbul. For example, we are faced with partisan practices that do not comply with the state understanding, such as the Galata Tower being taken away from the IMM by a method that no historian approves, without presenting a consistent historical document. In the process of the Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations, we were left out of the tender illegally, even without asking for concession, without even asking for a fee to be allocated, as in previous periods. We expect a positive result from the lawsuits we filed in all three issues. ”

IMM building Sarachane they promised to make Turkey one of the richest libraries hatırlarlat İmamoğlu, "Do you know what they did? After we won the election, they quickly declared the “1st group monument work” status for our Saraçhane building. In other words, they placed our service building as historical works such as Süleymaniye Mosque and Hagia Sophia Mosque.

However, the same board remained silent in our building, which was brought to the status of not nailed with this decision, while the previous management destroyed all the original parts without any permission. Can you imagine, while we are trying to make a library and save it to our people, we are suddenly taken to the status of Hagia Sophia and we try to connect our hands. No doubt, as we promised, we will bring our service building to our people as a library. ”

Reminding that they started a campaign with the name “Istanbul Reaching Its Squares” in order to bring the projects they are doing about city squares to the attention of the public, İmamoğlu gave the following example: “We wanted to establish a promotional area called 'Convergence Stop' in Taksim square. Even before our promotion area was finished and made available to the public, it was hurriedly removed with a criminal complaint. However, the Presidential Communication Tent, where no one took the slightest action for months, stood right next to it. When they removed the Convergence Station, they had to remove that huge empty tent as well. Subject Ekrem İmamoğlu and when it became IMM, protection boards, ministries, state institutions, politicians, who took action immediately; These are the new versions of the organized work we witnessed on the way to June 23.”

Drawing attention to the fact that these kinds of movements are new versions of the organized works they witnessed on the way to 23 June, İmamoğlu made the following warnings:
"June 23 means exactly I would again remind those who grasp: Now what Istanbul nor Turkey is not Istanbul and Turkey prior to June 23, this nation is aware of what you're doing. The price of ignoring the will of Istanbul and paying the bill to Istanbul would be heavy. When we got to work, we never complained about the conditions we took over; we focused on our business. We did not want to create a criminal record. This does not mean that; we will ignore the abnormalities, mistakes and oddities made in the period before us. Our internal investigations continue in the most rigorous way to examine the 5 + 5 years before us. We never rush. If necessary, no one should doubt that we will initiate the necessary legal procedures. We will defend the right of 16 million. We have a single compass in municipal staff, in the business and transactions of the municipality and its subsidiaries, and in the decision regarding taxi plates; to be with our people. No one should forget, no one should ignore. ”


At the end of his speech, which lasted about 1,5 hours, İmamoğlu completed his words as follows:
“Dear Istanbulites; As I have tried to summarize, we have done very well in spite of all the problems, prevention and coronavirus outbreaks we encountered in our first year. Whatever we did; We did it with your will and with you. I am very happy here today. Because we did it together. As we promised on the way, we are taking firm steps towards our fair, green and creative Istanbul goal with our young and dynamic staff, which we have made work with principles based on merit and transparency. I would like to thank the IMM's management team and its 83 employees for their success in the first year. But of all, I expect more work and more sacrifices for the next year and beyond. We will work harder and be more successful. Because we are doomed to succeed. Because we work for 16 million, not for a small interest group. Our difference is here. No matter what kind of lies they resort to with the power of media in their hands, whatever strange work they do not fit into the understanding of the state, we will continue on our way. We will find solutions to the problems of this cherished city and your needs in the direction of equality, solidarity, production, freedom. We were very successful in our first year. We will be much more successful. Our energy is high. Our path is long. We will continue to achieve it together. ”

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