Ekrem İmamoğlu: 'I Have No Positive Opinion About Kanal Istanbul'

ekrem imamoglu kanal I have no positive ideas about istanbul
ekrem imamoglu kanal I have no positive ideas about istanbul

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlucontinues its visits to the district municipality. Visiting Esenler Municipality for the last time, İmamoğlu made his 6th visit to Avcılar Municipality today. İmamoğlu, who was welcomed with great interest by the District Mayor Turan Hançerli and the citizens, said, "Avcılar is one of the districts where we need to fix many problems, since there has not been a coordinated work until now." To a question about Kanal Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “My opinion about Kanal Istanbul is clear. I have no positive opinion. We intend to share this with the whole of Istanbul," he replied.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlucontinues its visits to the district municipality. İmamoğlu, who has visited 5 district municipalities so far, was also in Avcılar Municipality today. Before coming to the city hall, İmamoğlu visited CHP Avcılar District Chairman Erdal Nas, whose brother passed away a short time ago, and offered his condolences.


Mayor Imamoglu will visit Avcılar Municipality who heard the citizens, began to gather in front of the town hall in the early hours. Upon his arrival, İmamoğlu was greeted with the cheer of “Yaşam İmamoğlu, Long live İmamoğlu, and made evaluations to members of the press before the presentation of President Hançerli. “We have laid the foundation for a tight communication and coordination process in the district municipality visits, İm İmamoğlu said. And then our regional tables will be implemented. For example, Avcılar, Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü is a regional table. These studies will be followed by our big city bureaucrats there. ”


İmamoğlu said that he knew the district of Avcılar closely and that Hançerli was a close companion. “ Avcılar's earthquake-oriented moves must be strong, we are aware of this. There are neighborhoods where urban transformation and especially property problems are experienced. C Avcılar is one of the districts where we will establish the highest level of relationship for both our cooperation and the participation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.


Imamoglu emphasized that the past management of the IMM and Avcılar have not been coordinated until now, and said, gerekiyor We have to repair many problems that have been experienced since to date. 1989 is a district I have known since the year, I have studied at the University of Hunters. I have this connection with this place. 5 has been trained here for years and got to know it. We will use this interest and love to solve the problems of Avcılar. I would like to underline that this interest and love is not only for Avcılar, but for the entire 39 district of Istanbul..

After İmamoğlu's statements, a two-hour presentation was made which was closed to the press. During the visit to the Municipality of Avcılar, İmamoğlu was accompanied by the assistant secretaries general of IMM and the heads of departments.


İmamoğlu and Hançerli then went on a field trip to examine the projects in Avcılar. The two presidents, at the Istanbul Prehistoric Research Center of Avcılar Municipality, were the excavators on the Bathonea Antique City Project. Dr. They received a briefing from Sengul Aydingun. İmamoğlu said that he was very impressed with the excavations and archaeological works. When Aydıngün said var There are great tunnels İm, İmamoğlu said, “We are going to make Channel Istanbul there now. Fill it with water. What we have to do with the channel manalla ”he laughed everyone.


İmamoğlu and Hançerli then went on the coast of Avcılar and continued their study trips. Imamoglu answered the questions of journalists here and stated his thoughts about Kanal Istanbul as follows: In this respect, I told you before. My opinion about Kanal Istanbul is clear. I have no positive idea. We are planning to share this with all of Istanbul. So I care about the historical relic there. I'il see it in place. The whole of Turkey, we want the world to see. When you look at these geographies, God's grace is a beautiful world. If we act with the concern of how we can carry such beauty to the future, we become the managers worthy of Istanbul. This is the window we're looking at. With this preliminary idea, we share our views with our teacher. ”

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