IETT 'The Greenest Office'

iett's green office
iett's green office

IETT also ranked first in the 'Greenest Office' survey conducted annually by enVision and announced the results before the 5th World Environment Day this year.

Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprises (IETT), which is frequently mentioned with its environmentally friendly projects, has achieved a significant savings in paper consumption as well as providing uninterrupted automation in business processes after switching to Electronic Document Management System.

IETT got the first place according to the results of the Green Office survey conducted every year with the paper savings it provided. Thanks to the Electronic Document Management System, thanks to the reduced amount of paper in IETT, 915 trees were saved from cutting, 4,5 million liters of water were saved, 258 tons of carbon dioxide emissions were prevented and 18 tons of solid waste was prevented. Thus, approximately 7,5 million A4 papers were prevented from going to waste in the said period.

IETT General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa noted that after they started using the Electronic Document Management System, they saved a significant amount of time and costs by optimizing their business processes in the institution.

IETT also reduces water and carbon footprint

IETT delivers nearly 4 million Istanbul residents to their loved ones every day. Providing this service with 6 thousand 274 vehicles, IETT provides maintenance services for its vehicles in 13 garages. Thanks to the physical and chemical treatment installed in 6 of these garages for now, the wastewater is recycled. kazanI am provided. In this way, IETT recycles 40 percent of the water it uses.

The annual water savings provided in IETT garages is 84 thousand 729 cubic meters. Assuming that a family of 4 consumes 13 cubic meters of water per day, this amount of savings corresponds to 4 years of consumption of a family of 543.

IETT's efforts to reduce the water footprint have also passed the attention of the National Geographic channel. IETT garages have found wide coverage in the documentary "25 liters" made last year.

IETT also tracks the carbon emission of the 6 thousand 274 vehicles it uses. It regularly monitors emission measurements by regularly maintaining the vehicles in its fleet.

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