Removal of Bursa T3 Nostalgic Tram Line on the Agenda

the lifting of the bursa t nostalgic tram line is on the agenda
the lifting of the bursa t nostalgic tram line is on the agenda

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş repeated the offer of diversification during working hours to relieve traffic. Aktaş said, "It is not Allah's order that schools and factories work at the same time." Arrangements should be made at the beginning of school and working hours urgently ”. Aktaş also stated that the lifting of the T10 line is on the agenda and that the İŞKUR and the Red Crescent building will also be demolished.

President Alinur Aktaş held a press conference with video conferencing method. Explaining that Bursa was rapidly adapting to the new normalization and gaining positive positive outcomes from his meetings with business and bank representatives, President Aktaş stated that Bursa is one of the luckiest provinces.

Stating that the Millet Garden will be officially opened today and the area where the floating stones are located will be established, Altıparmak Square and the real identity of the region, President Aktaş said, “We want the National Garden and the gym next to it and the old swimming pool to be included in the region and integrate with Kültürpark.”

Reminding that the construction of the Emek Şehir Hospital subway line, which will cost approximately 1 billion lira, will be done by the ministry and the process will start soon, Mayor Aktaş said, “As of June 1, entry was made in relation to normalization. We met with regional managers and commercial branch managers of 3 state banks and managers of 3 private banks for breakfast. I was excited on behalf of the municipality for the future of my city. Bursa is getting better. Our pandemic belly is beautiful. We talked that if we take advantage of the opportunities, the result would be much better. There is a very positive atmosphere in Bursa in general. The city that reacted the fastest to normalization was Bursa. I say that a nice summer process is waiting for us. Mask, social distance and personal hygiene are our sine qua non. 3-4 months will pass like this. We will be as careful as possible in transportation. We will not remove the masks. We will pay attention to social distance. There is still an issue, life continues. The needs of people continue to increase. Normalization started in Europe, America Africa and the Far East. People related to tourism are a bit worried and anxious. However, I have hope in this regard. Bursa's beautiful report will be an advantage. Turkey will launch publicity and worldwide. We will experience the process of developing nature tourism. I see Bursa moving. I was with business people 2 nights ago. I explained our excitement and approach to business people from different sectors from textile to automotive. Everything will be fine. I have no doubt of that. "Our job is to run and run, to fulfill our responsibilities," he said.


Reminding that the public transportation fell to 12 percent and an average of 110 thousand people per day during the pandemic period, President Aktaş said, “With the new normalization, it has increased to 320 thousand in the past days. BUDO flights start on Monday. Our buses to Sabiha Gökçen started to operate. T1 and T3 are off. Maybe the T3 on Cumhuriyet Street will never come back. We made a survey. Tradesmen do not want people in the region either. Maintenance processes for the T1 are available until June 21. He will probably return again and again. That line is important as we will make the T2 connected. During the pandemic process in public transportation, we saw 110 thousand. We reached 300 thousand this week. It was the day we carried 320 thousand people. Still not enough capacity. Signalization optimization work is ongoing. Like September, it will start. We will experience 40 percent advantage in public transportation. It will comfort us. Expeditions will become frequent. Waiting time will drop from 3,5 minutes to 2 minutes. We bought 20 buses. There were 350 vehicles when I was in office. We increased it to 470. It will find 500. Improvement in public transportation continues. I conveyed to the ministry that I can not use resources on the T2 line myself. When he comes to life, we will see more relief in the numbers. ”


Mayor Aktaş brought the proposal for change again during working hours to ease the traffic in Bursa. Aktaş said, “If we make 10-storey roads or double the roads, we cannot relax the traffic in the city.” Aktaş said: “Nearly 3 percent of the 80 million population lives in 2 adjacent districts. There are certain problems related to traffic and transportation. Not the order of Allah, the school factory is at the same time. We can bring it to life at certain times. We provided partial relief with EDS. The working time of the white collar is important. It is 200 in the morning and 5 in the evening, but we definitely need to make different clocks related to the blue collar. There will be no demand for so many S plates. A vehicle will not spend time with a factory. 8-17 schools will go to the factory. This change will also ease the traffic. Bursa has to urgently put this issue on the table. My biggest expectation is in this direction. I expressed it to the governor and the authorities. We need to diversify the working hours. There are traffic problems in Muş, which is 3 thousand people. Everything is built on 4 streets. We have 100 Organized Industrial Zones. We need to act urgently to schedule the clock for such a configuration in the western point of the city, which is the main burden. ”


Mayor Aktaş also replied to Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyilmaz, who reminded him that the coasts' authority was transferred to Mudanya and Gemlik Municipalities with the decision of the parliament. Aktaş said, “In spite of the accusations that the metropolitan has no financial power and therefore handed over the beaches,“ I try hard not to make polemics. There may be presidents elected from different political parties. People in Mudanya voted for him, and Bursa general preferred us. The first crisis started with the pool. Sorry, we have a few things like this. He demanded compensation for the land that does not belong to us, with good intentions, as well as the costs associated with the pool. He also took 500 thousand liras. It doesn't matter, it's not my money. The pool wasn't winning anyway. If he wanted, I would give it. I'm not keen on it. The building started in the green area on the beach, related to the beaches. We have taken steps to stop this. He shared something with you saying "Victory of Law". But the demolition decision came. Now it is washing. "I will demolish it myself," he said. Later, he made the silhouette of Atatürk. He loves Atatürk so much, he acts as if we have a problem. You are making a cafe in the green area. No need. It is finally washing now. We complained about damaging the public. The beaches itself do not come to meetings. I know that the Mayor of Gemlik Uğur even called at 1 a.m. We answer your questions when our language returns. But Gemlik also broke out. It was distributed to several newspapers and local press.


We collect containers with the Metropolitan logo. We were leaving the garbage inside and out. There is one sachet. I could not reach Uğur Sertaslan for 10 days. He has not been able to reach me for more than 2 days. I said, friend, I wrote a message. You arrive at the time you want. The perception they make there is wrong. The items are collected, the trash is left, and the team that comes from behind collects it soon. There is a garbage bag. You share this with the press and make news. False. Shower heads are said not to be attached. It was removed when the season was over. The season has not started yet in the pandemic process. Systems stop. It would be a lie, but not so much. This much has not been seen anywhere in the world. The sea is not spoken until now. Now they say, 'They have plundered our fields of duty'. Lie. It is not stuck, this is a disinformation. It is a slander to the Metropolitan President and his municipality. It is a fabricated thing to commit crime. Our mandate is certain. I'm open to dialogue. I'll give you what you want. We gave disinfection material to all municipalities without discrimination. He has not attended any meetings for 2,5 months. Who sent 2 shades? Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Misfortune ... I have no right to be offended to Mudanya. The authority regarding the marina passed to us. We will work in Güzelyalı. We will remove the bad sports field in Mudanya and make a square and multi-storey car park. ”


President Aktaş emphasized that they will turn the historical inns and bazaar into a living structure for 24 hours upon a question, and that they will hit the first dig in July to open its surroundings and said, “We are demolishing Kızılay and İŞKUR. İŞKUR asked for a lot of money. We have no chance to undergo the project. We will finish the work by the end of 2021. When we meet with the Minister, we will end the destruction around him by the end of 2020. We will start manufacturing in 2021. There is no problem in the source. We are in a hurry. It has been spoken for 40 years. We had the opportunity. The historical inn and the bazaar is one of the important 7-8 topics. If T3 is left on Cumhuriyet Avenue, it will be a better living center. Domestic and foreign tourists will come, "he said. Mayor Aktaş added that they will not have the Golden Karagöz festival this year due to the pandemic, and that they are considering organizing the International Festival like September.


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