Important Meeting with WHO for Nursing Homes

Important meeting with dso for nursing homes
Important meeting with dso for nursing homes

Family, Labor and Social Services Ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) powers "Covidien-19 Process in Long Term Care Institutions in Turkey Evaluation Meeting" at the Met.

At the Meeting with WHO, the COVID-19 Measures in Care Organizations were Evaluated

The meeting with the video conferencing method was attended by the General Directorate of Disabled and Elderly Services and Ministry of Health officials. In the meeting, which lasted for approximately 3 hours, Specialist Dr. Orhan Koç made a detailed presentation about the services provided to the elderly during the COVID-19 process.

“We Reinforced Our Supply Chain”

Coach, that 7,5 million elderly and said that 27 thousand 500 of the institutional care in Turkey. Covidien-19 coach reminded that they take measures before the case has not yet been seen in Turkey, "We stop to visit nursing homes and care homes, we restrict the outflow of our seniors. In addition to paying attention to environmental cleanliness, we reinforced our supply chain with materials such as disinfectant. We also increased the isolation to the highest level while our elderly went to daily treatment. We almost put our organizations in quarantine. ” said.

We Reinforced Existing Staff by 10 Percent

Underlining that they also banned collective events, Koç said, “We have tightened our precautions in the metropolitan areas by the instructions of our Minister Mr. Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk. isolation rooms we need in the organization, we have created layers of insulation and 82 organizations in Turkey. We have increased our capacity by reinforcing 10 percent existing staff. ” he spoke. Koç noted that the proportion of the elderly who stayed in long-term care centers among those who died as a result of the measures was 4 percent.

“We have switched to a Model where the Staff Stay in the Organization for 14 Days”

Koç, the General Manager of Disability and Elderly Services, emphasized that they also follow up the personnel who come into contact with the people coming from abroad and attach importance to ensuring isolation. Stating that they switched to a model where the staff stayed in the establishment for 26 days on March 14, Koç said, “The fixed shift system was a method of reducing contamination. In cooperation with our Ministry of Health, all personnel were tested during shift changes. The tests were done without going to the hospital, and we had the chance to detect positive cases without risking contamination at the organization. We are still continuing the fixed shift system. ” spoke in the form.

“Everybody Worked with Devotion”

Koç stressed that employees in the organizations are sensitive to overtime and are careful to create an 8-hour watch. Expressing that they are trying to provide equity by being paid or permitted when there is extra overtime, Koç said, “We can say that our employees' morale and motivation is better than normal in COVID-19 period. Because they worked with the spirit of national solidarity. There were no dismissals, including those working in private institutions. Everyone worked devotedly. ” said. 

“6 percent of them were treated in intensive care”

General Manager Orhan Koç noted that those who were discharged from the hospital were not directly taken to the institution, and that detached treatment was provided in the isolation establishments. Underlining that all cases are hospitalized, Koç said that only 6 percent of positive cases are treated in intensive care. 

“We Prepared Videos with Music”

Drawing attention to the importance of digital literacy especially for the elderly in the COVID-19 process, Koç stated that they are preparing a new program. Describing the work done for the disabled in detail, Koç said:

“It is important to ensure that the disabled and their families have access to information. Our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared this year as 'Accessibility Year'. We also prepared and shared our own content according to accessibility standards with the instruction of our Minister. We have created working groups where we bring together academic experts to inform disabled individuals and their families. In particular, we followed up special cases such as autism spectrum disorder. It is difficult to wear a mask for our disabled people, and it is difficult to wash the hand for 20 seconds, but we have prepared videos with music and our disabled people took part in those videos. In this way, we aimed to raise awareness. ” 

Officials from WHO Praises Turkey

WHO officials in Turkey to be documented in the scientific sense of success and underlines that it is important to offer the world. That Turkey has taken measures to combat early in the process and at the Covidien-19 officials stressed that an important factor, "especially in European countries provided personal protective equipment problems experienced in Turkey. They not only met their own needs in personal protective equipment but also helped other countries. ” expressions were used.

The data will be reported

The first meeting was held on April 30, the WHO Office in Turkey. At the meeting titled “Process of Pandemic in Nursing Homes”, it was decided to report the measures taken in our country as a sample country practice. A third meeting will be held in the coming days. The data obtained from the meetings will be reported.

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