Sivas will become a center of attraction with logistics village

Sivas will become a center of attraction with logistics village
Sivas will become a center of attraction with logistics village

Sivas, which is located at the central point of our country and acts as a transportation base between the ports and the north-south, east-west axes, will turn its position into an opportunity with its Logistics Center. Logistics Center, the infrastructure construction of which has begun, is located next to Demirağ OSB in the Ulaş Kovalı location.

Governor of Sivas Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, Secretary General of Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Nebi Kaya, 4th Regional Manager of TCDD Enterprise Ali Karabey, 16th Regional Director of Highways Mustafa Horuz, Mustafa Eken, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and his accompanying people examined the works on site.

Speaking after the investigation, Governor Salih Ayhan stated that one of the big projects that will add value to Sivas is the Logistics Center and said, “This place had a very long story. During the ministerial period of Mr. İsmet Yılmaz, Mehmet Habib Soluk and Binali Yıldırım Bey, special attention was paid here. One of the only few in number and Logistics Centers in continuity and tenders in Turkey were made. This year it was approved and infrastructure work started. Demirağ will add a brand to Sivas. In terms of the fact that 124 parcels from Demirağ OSB, especially for heavy industry, passing through the railways line, the Logistics Center will give great support and support here. The Logistics Center will undertake a very important mission and has an important function in the transportation of the products we produce here to the ports and major transportation areas very easily over the railway in a very short time. The tender price is almost 158 million TL with its current price and 200 million VAT. It will both bring economic dynamism and add an image and value to Sivas. ” said.

Sivas, Turkey's pupil Will Be A City

Noting that there is great effort and great effort in the preparation of the project, Governor Ayhan said, “There is an intense mobility on the field. This project will be completed in 2021. The completion of Demirağ OIZ in 2021 at the same time means that the two projects are integrated with each other. I wish you good luck. Sivas will become a center of attraction. YHT, railway lines, renewal of Kalin-Samsun line, logistics village, Demirağ OSB 1. OSB saying Sivas, Turkey's pupil in employment in manufacturing will be a province. It is the product of great effort, effort, unity, power unity. We want everyone to take care. We would like to express our gratitude to Taşımacılık AŞ, TCDD General Directorate and our Ministry of Transport, and to our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who started this project by directing the construction. " he spoke.

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin stated that Sivas will become a production center and said, “When we evaluate the OIZ and the Logistics Center project as a whole, we are in a project that will create a serious production center and employment resource in the coming period. Turkey's largest need to produce in the coming period. In this regard, Demirağ OSB and OSB, which will raise awareness in Sivas, will be formed together with the logistics village. After a product produced in Demirağ OSB is loaded into the container from here, it will reach the place without any customs clearance at any port. I thank those who contributed. Good luck to our Sivas. ” spoke in the form.

TSO President Mustafa Eken thanked the government officials, stating that the promises were fulfilled, and said they would give good news about the project to the investors requesting a place.



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