Demirağ OSB to Become the Investment Base of Sivas

demirag osb will be a spinning mill
demirag osb will be a spinning mill

Infrastructure work continues in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, which will start serving as an investment and production base in Sivas.

After a 3-month break, after the determination of the normalization schedule, the related company started working again in the OIZ. In this context, Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, Secretary General of Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Nebi Kaya, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mustafa Eken, TCDD Enterprise 4th Regional Manager Ali Karabey, Highways 16 Regional Manager Mustafa Horuz and his accompanying works in the field went to the area to see and control.

Infrastructure Works Started in Demirağ OSB

Governor Salih Ayhan, in his speech here; He said that the world was experiencing a difficult period during the epidemic period and that the work started again on the field with the start of the normalization process.

Expressing that they made a series of visits to see the works in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone on site, Governor Ayhan said, “The works continue in Demirağ OSB, which is extremely important for Sivas. Before we came here, we held our 1st Organized Industrial Zone Board of Directors meeting. There were 17 land allocation issues on the agenda. We made land allocations for an investment of 75 million TL and 2 thousand people. Good luck to Sivas. Considering these demands, the capacity of the 1st OIZ began to fill gradually. Now we have started to be selective. ” said.

Light Appeared in the Tunnel

Governor Ayhan stated that with the completion of Demirağ OIZ, Sivas will be one of the important centers in employment, “Light appeared in the tunnel. The company will work on what we want. I thank everyone who contributed. Together with the local actors, we will overcome this business. Demirağ OSB will be a place where the chimneys are smoked and the cooks boil in the quarries. ” he spoke.

We will pave the way for investors

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin stated that Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone is one of the most important issues they follow in Sivas, saying, “We want our governorship, municipality, institutions, deputies and non-governmental organizations to become investment in the region as soon as possible. We always support, we will continue to be. Everyone should contribute to the producer, the employer. Within the scope of normal planning, there was a 3-month delay due to the pandemic. Hopefully, our goal is to complete the OIZ in 2021 and build factories. ” spoke in the form.

Sivas Will Be an Investment Paradise

In his speech, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mustafa Eken; Demirağ stated that with the completion of the OIZ in 2021, the region will be an investment paradise and said, “Our governor and mayor follow the process well. I hope we will make this place ready together. We will pave the way for our investors. We will reduce unemployment from the line phase. ” used expressions.

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