Fethi Sekin Joined the İZDENİZ Fleet with a Car Ferry

Fethi Sekin car fleet joins the Izmir fleet with a train
Fethi Sekin car fleet joins the Izmir fleet with a train

The name of the police officer Fethi Sekin, who was martyred three years ago while trying to prevent the bomb attack against the Izmir Courthouse, will now be kept alive in the Gulf of Izmir. The fourth of the “Fethi Sekin” car ferry, which will serve under the General Directorate of İZDENİZ, joined the fleet with a ceremony at the Üçkuyular Ferry Port.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality added the new car ferry named after the martyr Fethi Sekin to the fleet. Emotional moments were experienced in the ceremony attended by Fethi Sekin's wife Rabia Sekin and daughter Zeynep Dila Sekin, while preventing the attack against the Izmir Courthouse. Speaking at the ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, "Whatever we do, we can not pay the right to our martyrs who sacrifice their lives for us."

Deputy Provincial Police Chief Ercan Yılmaz, Narlıdere Mayor Ali Engin, Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's wife Neptün Soyer, the General Secretary of the ceremony at the Üçkuyular Ferry Port. Buğra Gökçe, İZSU General Manager Aysel Özkan, İZDENİZ General Manager İlyas Murtezaoğlu, İZDENİZ managers, traffic police and invitees attended. The ceremony was held with a limited number of guests due to outbreak measures.

Speaking at the ceremony of joining the İZDENİZ fleet of Fethi Sekin Arabalı Ferry, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that they want to increase the share of the municipality in maritime transportation and encourage the people of Izmir to maritime transportation. Soyer said, “We have processed the old patterns of Izmir with the color of police blue on the Fethi Sekin Ferry. We will see these patterns in other places that have special importance for İzmir in the coming months. ” Noting that the ferry was designed by considering the disabled transport of disabled citizens, President Tunç Soyer explained that there are embossed warning and direction signs for the visually impaired citizens where necessary.

“If we live peacefully, we owe it to the heroes”

President Tunç Soyer said, “We consider and plan qualified, technological, compatible with nature, comfortable and disabled-friendly public transportation as a whole. It continues our new investments, such as the Buca metro, İzmir's largest investment to date; We aim to ensure that all our transportation elements such as land, bicycle, rail and sea transportation work in harmony with each other. ”

Fethi Seki people of Ontario and Soyer, indicating that Turkey has a very important place in the hearts of all, "If we live peacefully in this city, we owe it to our hero, Fethi Seki" he said.

“We cannot pay the right of our martyrs”

To keep the name of Sekin alive BayraklıReminding that the park, which was built on 40 decares of land, was named “Martyr Police Conquest Sekin Park”, Tunç Soyer noted that the names of the courthouse officer Musa Can, who was martyred the same day, were given to the street and street that cut İzmir Courthouse. President Soyer continued: “Whatever we do, we cannot undoubtedly pay the right to our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for us. They challenged death for our country, the future of our children, without blinking their eyes. Our primary duty is to take care of the rest of them and keep them alive. ”

Ahmet Ötkür, General Manager of Çeliktrans Shipyard, which built the ferry, stated that they designed the ferry in accordance with the demands and specifications of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and said that the ferry was ready to serve the people of Izmir for many years.

After the speeches, President Soyer cut the opening ribbon with Martyr Fethi Sekin's wife Rabia Sekin, daughter Zeynep Dila Sekin and other guests. The guests then toured the ship. President Tunç Soyer signed the ship logbook here. The bell, which also wrote the name of Sekin, was stolen by President Soyer, the wife and daughter of the martyr. Guests returned to the pier after a short tour in the Gulf by ferry.

Fethi Sekin Arabalı Ferry will be put into service on July 1st Cabotage Day.

Ferry properties

“Fethi Sekin” became the fourth ferry to be added to the İZDENİZ fleet. The ferry built in Istanbul Tuzla Shipyard is 73 thousand 98 meters tall and 15,21 meters wide. It can carry 51 vehicles, 12 bicycles and 10 motorcycles. It has a total capacity of 194 passengers, including 128 in the closed passenger hall and 322 in the open passenger hall. On the starboard and pier sides, there are two handicapped elevators that provide access between the car deck and the passenger deck, large windows offering views of the bay in the closed passenger lounge, TV broadcasts, wireless internet and plugs for telephone-computer charging, and two independent pet cages on the deck. Baby care room, two men, two women and a disabled toilet on the ship, embossed warning and guidance signs for visually impaired passengers, special parking spaces for disabled passengers, wheelchair parking spaces in the closed passenger hall and playground for children aged 2-5 also available.

Steamer with library

Just like Ahmet Piriştina Arabalı Ferry, Fethi Sekin Arabalı Ferry also has a library. In the library created by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Libraries Branch Directorate, passengers will be able to borrow two books in 21-day periods. Readers will be able to leave the books they bought from the ferry in the ferry or book box on the pier after 21 days. There are 500 books in the library at Fethi Sekin Arabalı Ferry.

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