Support for Corona Heroes, Will Come to Children

support corona heroes will come to their children
support corona heroes will come to their children

We see that many institutions and organizations are struggling effectively to stop the epidemic of corona, which is changing the flow of life, in the world and in our country and to protect the health of the society. Of course, hospitals and healthcare professionals are the main ones. All healthcare workers worked sacrificially at this risk for days. They couldn't go home, they couldn't see their families, and they couldn't hug their children. Unfortunately, many health workers died on this road.

Turkish Education Foundation and Orange Flower International Art Colony came together. In order to alleviate the suffering of our losses to a certain extent and to express our gratitude to the healthcare professionals, he started a project that will support the education of their children.

Ahmet Şahin, Chairman of the Orange Blossom Art Colony, who has been known for his support to the arts and artists for years, regarding the project; “We are happy to realize a project that we care about very much. We invite artists for this project. Let's put our hands under the stone as an entire art community, let our artists join our project with works, and let's combine our traditional Republic exhibitions with this project this year. Let us undertake the arrangement, promotion, posters, invitations and catalog preparation of the exhibition. We wanted to transfer all of the income from the sales in the exhibition as a scholarship to the education of the children whose health workers left behind. We cooperated with TEV to support the education of the children of these heroes and set off with the slogan “Support to the Corona Heroes, Will Come to Their Children”. We would like to thank Ömer Turna, TEV Ankara Branch Executive Board President, for this cooperation. In addition, we should not forget our other supporters who brought the project to life. We thank them separately. We are confident to start with the support of very strong sponsors. The support of our artists to the project is the most important, every work donated to the project and the income from the sale of that work will be transferred to the fund. Through the Fund, we will provide scholarships to students throughout their education. ” said.

The artists will be able to participate in the exhibition in every discipline of plastic arts, provided that they comply with the standard of measurement. Only They have to go to the site to read the specification and register. Each work will be sold at the same price and will be sold by auction method. The work will be delivered to the buyer only in return for a donation receipt to the TEV Corona Heroes Support Fund. The deadline for the delivery of the works is 30 August 2020.

Art Boya, PonArt, Piece of Art News, dermoskin, Wom Bilişim, SB Art Print and Art Contact- Istanbul are the sponsors of the project. The project is open to all kinds of support. UPSD and Piece of Art Store also support the project. As the supporters increase, they will be added and announced to the public.

According to the information announced by TEV managers; For the scholarship application, it is enough to be a child of healthcare worker (doctor, nurse, technician, dentist, pharmacist, caregiver, hospital worker, etc.) who died due to Corona virus and to continue his education life. The scholarship will continue throughout the student's education life. The artists who desire will be able to make financial aid to the relevant accounts, apart from the donation of the painting.

Contagious is kindness, the day is the day of giving support to health professionals. Let it grow with the participation of all artists, get stronger and be a project that left its mark on these days.



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