Robot Helpers are Coming to Mehmetçi!

mehmetcige robot helpers are coming
mehmetcige robot helpers are coming

The Middle Class Level 2 Unmanned Land Vehicle Project Contract has been signed between the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB) and ASELSAN.

President of the Presidential Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail Demir: “Robotic helpers are coming to Mehmetçi! After the prototypes of light and medium class 1st level unmanned ground vehicles, we signed a contract with Aselsan for the middle class 2nd level. Armed unmanned ground vehicles will be delivered to KKK with the project where Katmerciler will also be a platform manufacturer.

project; It involves the development and mass production of unmanned ground vehicles with discovery, surveillance, target detection, weapon systems and other systems that are needed, remote control, autonomous use and superior mobility. ”

The place of Unmanned Systems in the field of defense and security is increasing day by day. Especially in asymmetric war conditions, unmanned systems that can operate on land, sea or in the air and decide on themselves are needed to carry out activities such as reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence, defense, logistic support and similar quickly and efficiently.

ASELSAN will be widely used in the battlefields of the future;

  • It can be controlled remotely,
  • Capable of decision making and implementation by itself,
  • It can work in all conditions and has different dimensions.

It continues to work on the development and production of Unmanned Systems.

In line with this purpose, concept platforms have been developed to accumulate knowledge and experience on autonomy, armament of unmanned systems, coordination of multiple unmanned systems and their integration into command and control systems, which form critical building blocks in this area. ASELSAN introduced its first unmanned ground vehicle, İZCİ, and GEZGİN at the IDEF 14 International Defense Fair held 2007 years ago. ASELSAN has perfected its technological infrastructure in the field of unmanned systems over the years and developed partnerships with domestic / foreign platform manufacturers.

ASELSAN has brought national and high technology similar products to meet the needs of TSK in the field of unmanned systems. In the inventory of our Security Forces, ASELSAN product unmanned aerial, sea and land vehicles (Bomb Destruction Robots) have been working for many years.

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