The Emphasis of Pandemic Period Railways Should Be Used Effectively by Pekcan

Trade Minister Pekcan should be focused on trade in local currencies.
Trade Minister Pekcan should be focused on trade in local currencies.

The 13th Advisory Board meeting, chaired by the Minister of Trade, Ruhsar Pekcan, was held using videoconferencing.

In addition to Pekcan, the conference; TİM President İsmail Gülle, DEİK President Nail Olpak, TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, TESK President Bendevi Palandöken, MÜSİAD President Abdurrahman Kaan, TÜSİAD President Simone Kaslowski, TMB President Mithat Yenigün and YASED President Ayşem Sargın.

At the advisory board meeting held for the third time in the pandemic period, the effects of Covid3 pandemic on trade as well as the steps to be taken during the exit from the pandemic were discussed.

In his speech here Pekcan, Covidien also affecting Turkey as it is all over the world-19 very quickly said they believe they will come out with acceleration dynamism and job determination of the negative impact of Turkish business people on the trading of the pandemic.

Pointing out that certain Asian countries and China have entered the recovery process, Pekcan said, “Maybe we can shift our exports to these regions first. These countries continue their normal activities now. All countries are going through a process in which they are closed. Therefore, in our contacts with our interlocutors, we need to come together at every level more frequently than ever before. We are in constant contact with them, we must consolidate our place in these markets and work towards solutions and develop common approaches and processes. We are going through a process where demands are postponed. There is also the longing for people to return to normal when there is a holiday longing when people close home around the world. Of course, companies whose financial structures and production functions do not deteriorate from this process will stand up much faster and will return to the demand that will occur much faster. ”

“New Opportunities and Demands Will Become Trade”

Prime Minister Recep described by Tayyip Erdogan Economic Stabilization Shield package with the company of enterprises and trades in terms of leaving the least damage from this process important measures Noting taken Pekcan, we found the following assessment: "We hope that the world recovery with Turkey's new opportunity to enter into a more rapid recovery and it will be possible to convert demands to trade. In order to increase the strength and speed of the recovery in our foreign trade, we need to evaluate new dynamics, opportunities abroad and follow them well. In this context, we will also need to go to market and product diversification. ”

An important goal for Turkey in the coming period that the updating of the Customs Union agreement Pekcan striking, said:

“With coronavirus, vulnerabilities began to be felt very seriously in Europe. The European Union will need to make new economic developments. Maybe they will turn a little inward in investments and production, but they will tend to seek alternatives in supply chains and prefer reliable, predictable, close suppliers as much as possible. Germany's rotating presidency will begin in July. One of the normalization activities will be to continue our work on the process of updating the Customs Union and formally start the negotiation process. This is our active participation in the process said NGOs in the process, to ensure their counterparts to have to stand by and Turkey involved in this process to pave the way for and we will be very helpful. As the ministry, we are with our NGOs. With all kinds of support, effort and relations with other ministries, we follow your demands as much as possible. ”

Referring to the contactless trade practice, Pekcan said that this period was an opening process for the efficient use of the railway, and studies should be carried out to study new model logistics alternatives and to reduce transportation.

“Trade Should Be Emphasis on Local Currencies”

Pekcan stated that one of the issues they focus on is to open the way for trade with local currencies. “In this period when the central banks are going to monetary expansion, we need to put more emphasis on trade through national currencies by taking into consideration the changes that may be seen in the global financial balances and the instability that may be experienced. For this, we will do the necessary works as public, but we expect support from you as the private sector. ” said.

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