OSTİM Seeking Cooperation in Rail Systems

looking for cooperation in ostim rail systems
looking for cooperation in ostim rail systems

Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS), Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate and ASELSAN organized a Localization Cooperation Meeting. In the meeting where rail system investments are evaluated from past to present; light metro, high-speed train, such as critical vehicles in our country can do, for this, public, university and industry should be created between the synergy.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting held at the OSTİM OSB Conference Hall, ARUS Coordinator Dr. İlhami Pektaş gave information about the cluster. Explaining that until 2012, 2 vehicles were purchased from foreign brands without any domestic contribution, Pektaş noted that with the installation of ARUS, the rate of domestic contribution in rail systems reached 866 percent. Pektaş said, “Our aim is to produce national brands, not only with domestic contribution, in rail systems. We will say stop to imports and produce our own products.” said.

50 sister city messages

OSTİM Chairman of the Board of Directors Orhan Aydın stated that they are open to cooperation as a region. In the rail systems sector, the deceased Dr. Sedat Çelikdoğan and Ankara Metro started their work by saying that they have started the localization of Aydın, as a result of their work in the Ankara Metro tender, 51 domestic contribution requirement is added and this is a milestone in the sector, he added.

Aydın underlined the following: değil It's not enough, but I think we've taken a great distance. Light subway, high-speed train can do all in our country. For this we need to create a synergy of public, university and industry together. There is nothing we can not do our companies. We believe that. We can make all the needs of EGO and all the tools used. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has 50 sister city. For a city, we can take these systems to the 50 sister city. We can do all operations such as infrastructure, transportation, rail systems, communication. We can sell a bus to 50. The municipality should assume a mission here, and the project should be a municipality. It's not just the buyer. Sadece

80 locality can be captured

ASELSAN Executive Vice President İbrahim Bekar explained about the railway and signaling systems. The gains of ASELSAN is also the acquisition of OSTIM. Tek emphasized that they have maximized their locality in the train control and management system and traction system.

Stating that as ASELSAN, they are working on gains from electronic card design, traction motor, electric bus, metro and tram, Bekar drew attention to the critical component of signaling systems. Stating that the company that always does the first in signaling is condemned in terms of sustainability, İbrahim Bekar stated that they carry out the National Signaling Development Project; Explaining that they aim to expand the project to all metro lines in Turkey, Bekar said, “I think that up to 80 percent locality can be achieved in the rail systems sector.” said.

ASELSAN, Ankara Metro modernization work on the project manager Gunay Simsek said. He said that they have renewed the traction system and lightened the traction motor and yielded 20 yield on energy consumption and renewed the train control system. Şimşek pointed out that most of the modernization works were supplied by domestic producers.

EGO's door is open to industrialists

Head of EGO Rail Systems Department, Sinan Yilmaz stated that EGO is an authority in public transportation in Ankara. Yilmaz said that they do all the maintenance and repairs within their own bodies, Europe has the most environmentally friendly bus fleet reported.

He also gave information about the rail system and the cable car system and emphasized that the cable car was used by 9 million people annually. Yilmaz, UM Ankara Metro was a revolution in the tender with the 51 percent. EGO has opened its doors to all industrialists. Our friends here are our decision-making friends who manage the purchasing processes. Burada

2003 billion TL investment since 100

TCDD General Manager and ARUS Chairman İsa ApaydınWhen they started to work in the industry, they reminded me that everything was imported from needle to thread. In order to change this, the industrialists visited Apaydın, 2003 billion 60 after the 100 investment, the XNUMX billion TL, the city rail, this figure has found XNUMX billion TL, he said.

Apaydın said: olac We will support our industrialists as much as we can. Together we must take out our national brands. We have no choice. We built the 90 in the railroad. We have reached the infrastructure that can produce national brands. We will implement the Industry Cooperation Program in light rail systems and high speed trains. Gerek

After the speeches, bilateral business meetings were held. Within the framework of the business negotiations, 60 company has shared its capabilities and projects with ASELSAN and EGO officials in the area of ​​maintenance and revision, signal and energy, R & D, cable car maintenance and repair, bus maintenance.

ARUS member Bozankaya A.Ş., used by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

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