Mahmutbey Junction in Istanbul is Renovated by the Ministry

Mahmutbey Junction
Mahmutbey Junction

In the statement made by the General Directorate of Highways affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it is pointed out that there is a lot of traffic on the TEM Highway and connection roads between Kavacık Junction-Mahmutbey West Junction-Kınalı Junction, causing the damage to the road in structural and frequent intervals. was transferred. In the statement, it was emphasized that the road was unable to respond to the constantly increasing traffic volume due to the degraded road superstructure, and that the study was tendered for the purpose of conducting the coronavirus measures. The statement noted:

“The superstructure of the first priority sections of the highway, which is 96 kilometers long, will be renewed in 2020. First, superstructure repair is aimed between Basın Ekspres Yolu between Mahmutbey Batı Junction and Çobançeşme Junction, and then between Kınalı Junction and Silivri Junction. The productions at Basın Ekspres Yolu have started as of today. ”

The ministry announced that it was aiming to complete the Mahmutbey Junction, where the most intense traffic is going to Atatürk Airport, by starting the studies on the 3-day curfew and without traffic.

Günceleme: 03/05/2020 13:46

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