A Hospital Has Been Put on the 2 Billion Runway of Atatürk Airport ..!

A hospital is placed on the billion runway of Ataturk airport
A hospital is placed on the billion runway of Ataturk airport

The construction of Yeşilköy Hospital, which is built on two runways of the closed Ataturk Airport, worth 2 billion dollars, continues. "They destroyed strategically important points," said CHP's Karabat.

According to the news of Yusuf Demir from SÖZCÜ; ”Most of the rough construction of the Yeşilköy Hospital in Istanbul, the construction of which started due to the epidemic, has been completed. The aerial photographs once again showed how the hospital, which was put on a $ 2 billion runway, was made unusable for the closed Ataturk Airport.

National Wealth Disappeared

Two of the three runways of Atatürk Airport, which was closed during the construction of Yeşilköy Hospital, were broken and destroyed. The construction of a hospital on two runways with a construction value of billions of liras is considered as an “operation to destroy Atatürk Airport rather than a hospital”.

CHP Istanbul Deputy Özgür Karabat said, “There were three tracks in AHL. Two thousand meters long 3 meters wide, two of them are known as north-south, international standards, and one 45 meters long 2 meters wide track. The two long tracks were 'head broken.' Therefore, both tracks have become unusable. They destroyed the strategic points. ”

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