IMM Science Committee Warned! Measures in Public Transportation Will Continue

ibb scientific committee warns measures in public transportation will continue
ibb scientific committee warns measures in public transportation will continue

📩 31/05/2020 16:06

The IMM Scientific Advisory Board held an online meeting to evaluate the latest developments related to the epidemic. The Advisory Board pointed out that progress has been made in many areas in the fight against the epidemic during the normalization process; However, in this process, he pointed out that there are some points that should be taken into consideration especially for Istanbul. The board also warned about risks in public transportation. As per the governor's circular, 50 percent rule will continue to be followed in all public transportation vehicles such as metrobus, metro, bus in Istanbul. IMM will continue to implement these decisions.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Scientific Advisory Board held another meeting following the announcement of the normalization process regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. At the meeting held yesterday, it was emphasized that the normalization process may bring violations of masks and physical distance rules, especially in Istanbul. The Board also warned about the risks that may occur in public transportation. As it is known, in the Circular of the Governorship of Istanbul dated May 18, "50 percent occupancy criteria and mask usage practices brought to public transport / buses in city and out of city transportation are meticulously followed." Although the normalization process has been initiated in IMM, 50 percent occupancy will continue since there is no change in this circular of the Governorship; will take all the measures related to it. Obligation to use masks in public transportation will continue.


Following the evaluation of the Advisory Board, IMM will open the park gardens, playgrounds, toilets, ISPARKs, libraries and open spaces provided that fifty percent rule is followed. Beltur, social facilities, cafes and restaurants will be evaluated in the second stage.


Following the announcement of the normalization process, the IMM Scientific Advisory Board also made the following determinations and suggestions at the meeting held on 30 May:

  • “There seems to be a decrease in the mortality rates due to the epidemic. However, the decline in the number of cases has slowed down for a while.
  • There were a number of controllable cases in many provinces outside of Istanbul; however, there was a partial increase in the number of patients due to those traveling from Istanbul. In September and October, a serious problem is expected for the holiday regions.


  • The number of patients hospitalized in intensive care units has decreased. However, the number of cases continues.
  • There is an increasing socialization recently. Due to increased socialization and rule violations, the situation that has gone so far may be reversed.
  • The normalization process was entered quickly, although the outbreak seems to be ending, on the other hand, the capacities of Pandemic hospitals and intensive care beds are increased.
  • There are contradictory decisions in the normalization process. While shopping malls are opening; park, gardens do not open. Nurseries are opening; but 18 years old gold is still forbidden.
  • Health workers are tired. It is necessary to think about where to stop and how far to go with palliative (temporary) expansions. It is necessary to consider the issue of whether Istanbul is ready for this.
  • There is a relief in Istanbul. Physical distance is not observed. The second wave may sound like October. Now the most difficult process has begun.
  • The home working system needs to continue for a while.
  • Strong messages need to be given to raise awareness of citizens about social distance and mask. ”

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