Introduction of KIPTAS Silivri 4th Stage Houses

kiptas silivri stage residences were introduced
kiptas silivri stage residences were introduced

📩 31/05/2020 15:59

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, participated in the promotion program of Silivri 4th Stage Residences. In the program held at the IMM Saraçhane campus, İmamoğlu said, “I invite our citizens who have not been able to own a home until now, and our healthcare professionals, to whom we owe a lot, and who are fighting on the front line in the fight against Covid -19, to apply for this special project.” Stating that the residences were built with the assurance of İBB and the expertise of Kiptaş, İmamoğlu said, “We will be a municipality that touches the untouched areas of Istanbul, from agriculture to many areas. We will be the address of hope.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluparticipated in the promotion program of Silivri 4th Stage Residences of Kiptaş, one of the affiliates of İBB. IMM Bureaucrats attended the program held at IMM Saraçhane Campus, along with IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut and his assistants, Kiptaş General Manager Ali Kurt.

In the introductory program, which stated that all the world's İmamoğlu in the fight against an invisible enemy with Turkey, "Every country in the last 100 years, perhaps the most important, is experiencing the most difficult days. With the coronavirus struggle, we try to show the highest level of effort with our state, our municipality, our nation, while also struggling with some difficulties that the society faces. There is still a curfew in our 15 major cities. Unfortunately, during the epidemic, nearly 5 thousand people lost their lives in nearly 350 thousand worlds in our country. ”

Noting that it is very important for Kiptaş to put forward a new project that will change all standards in mass housing, İmamoğlu continued: “Silivri 4th Stage Houses can also be defined as a product of the new generation municipality and designed as such. In our campaign, we made some definitions about the future of the city, and in some words, made commitments. We said that we will make Istanbul a fair city. The sense of justice is very important. We will make Istanbul a green city. Peaceful with nature, intertwined with nature. In the pandemic process, the relationship between nature and nature has become more prominent, and the definition of living spaces accordingly has become a very important issue. We said that we will make Istanbul a creative city. We will provide opportunities for talented people to meet their living conditions with the most contemporary elements. Silivri 4th Stage Project is a project that includes these commitments we have put forward during the election period. ”

Stating that they had serious struggles during the pandemic in Istanbul and that this struggle will continue from now on, İmamoğlu said, “The promotion we make today is very important. This is actually an important sign for producing more and providing hope for more people. We had our struggle in this ancient city during the epidemic. We have been and continue to be from health to poverty in all sorts of people. On the other hand the highest levels of both hope to keep our duty also looking to improve the quality of people's lives, we're bringing Turkey's locomotive, instead of our struggle and our duty as managers of this city, "he said.

Saying that they take their promises of creating a fair city into consideration in the Silivri 4th Stage Houses project, İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows: “The meticulous work and thought they have put forward in order to create an equality of opportunity for people whose power is not yet capable of owning a house is very important. It is especially important that it prioritizes our low-income people and youth. Giving a special right to our women and our healthcare professionals who made great sacrifices in this period. It is also an important character for us in the project that the project defines the priority groups to keep the sense of justice in the city at the top. We wanted to make sure that our people own a house like paying rent. It is a principle put forward by Kiptaş, the valuable institution of IMM, like us, to make this idea come true in this country, to make it possible. Everyone, including those with low income, can own a property in this city with a fair payment system. In our project, we had to put forward our efforts to create a green city. Our Kiptaş institution has taken this promise into account in this project. We wanted everyone who will be a home owner in this project to meet with a green environment, an opportunity intertwined with nature, regardless of the window of their house. "

Social housing holds the highest level of quality standards through project Kiptas will change radically, it will mark a new approach to Turkey stressed İmamoğlu, "We believe and we express everywhere; The idea of ​​providing equal opportunities to people living in a city belongs to corporations. And we should never, ever miss this. I can say that a project that combines the new generation municipal management with the new generation social housing concept has emerged. Good luck with this outstanding project to our city and 16 million people. "

I especially invite our healthcare workers who are fighting at the front line and fighting the epidemic. They are also privileged. I asked this from my friends. We are enjoying the realization of this. Let me say this here, of course, we have drawn lots before. They will start working and mobilize in June to deliver the project we have completed to the beneficiaries. On the one hand, we will fight, and on the other hand, we will be pioneers in the solution of problems. On the other hand, we will be a municipality that produces on the field and touches the untouched areas of Istanbul and many areas from agriculture. We will be the address of hope. For our country, for our city. I truly thank our Kiptaş, who is the highest level of light for our people's need to take home in these difficult days. ”

Kiptaş General Manager Ali Kurt, who spoke before İmamoğlu in the introductory program and shared information about the project; “We set out to produce social housing with this project. However, apart from building low-cost residences, we created an accessible design that prioritizes architecture and engineering science in the project ”. Underlining that Silivri 4th Stage Houses is a project that will change the standards in the field of social housing, Kurt said, “Our new project is a housing project that contains its nature, has a 40 percent green area and is at the forefront with its social areas. It was planned as a special living space for families for every age group, with a structure that provides the opportunity to meet every need ”.

Kurt said, “Once again, I would like to thank all the healthcare professionals working during the pandemic.” We added another privileged situation to our social housing in Silivri 4th Stage. As in the social housing projects of public institutions, we allocated 40 separate quotas for our 50 percent disabled citizens and families of martyrs, war and duty disabled people, widows and orphans. In addition to these privileged groups, we have reserved 50 residences for our healthcare professionals. If the ambulance driver, attendant, caregiver, nurse or doctor in public and private health institutions meet other application requirements, they will be able to apply to our project from this quota ”.

Stating that the person and his wife should not have a house in order to apply for the Silivri 4th Stage Residences project, Kurt listed the other conditions as follows: “All individuals over the age of 18 living in the same house with parents will be able to apply to the project if they have a house on it. While our aim is to prioritize non-homeowners, we wanted to be a little useful for our young people while establishing their lives. As of the application date, we require my citizens to live in Istanbul for 1 year. And we brought the condition of not having bought a house from KİPTAŞ before. This condition is an important result of the survey we conducted in the digital environment. "

Kurt said that with the project, they aim to offer equal opportunities to citizens who do not have a home and set a 3-week pre-application period for this. "Our goal is to make our non-host citizens home," said Kurt: "We will draw lots if the citizens' demand is high during the 3-week application process. Considering that there may be a change in the social life and economic situation of our potential beneficiaries, we give the right holders the right to transfer in the process. We have also brought the criteria for the persons who will be entitled to transfer to meet the application requirements. Our aim here is to bring the needy people together with the project. ”

Kurt said that for those who want to own a project, they offer payment plans below the minimum wage with the installment option starting from 228 thousand 120 TL in 2 months, in addition to the prices starting from 250 thousand TL, and shared the following information about the project: In the future projects, we aim to make a difference with the use of useful space with its balcony. With our architectural studies, we will clearly show that the use of useful space, not the size of the apartment, is important. We have created a special project that promises people a comfortable life with 2 + 2 and 1 + 3 flats, sustainable landscaping area, playgrounds, nursery, disabled roads, street shops. We dreamed of a life not limited to walls, surrounded by side streets. You can think like a micro city, we designed a city part consisting of neighborhoods and neighborhoods from side streets. ”

After the speeches, the movie showing the Silivri 4th Stage Houses was shown in the hall. İmamoğlu then took photos with Kiptaş staff and staff.

Preliminary applications for the project for the first time in the history of Kiptaş within the scope of measures taken due to the pandemic period, between 01-21 June, available on the site. Those who meet the application requirements will be able to pay their 500 TL participation fee online via credit card and easily create their requests. The project, which consists of 396 residences, consists of 2 + 1, 3 + 1 apartments.

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