34 Istanbul

Marmaray with figures

Marmaray in Numbers: Marmaray works connecting Asia and Europe are coming to an end. Up to now, 11 kilometers of rails, including outbound and return, have been laid. After the assembly of the rails, test drives will begin. Beyond [more…]


TRABZON should be set up Logistics Center

ENVIRONMENT and Urbanism Minister Erdogan Bayraktar, came to attend the summit of environmental issues in Trabzon 4 gave a message. 3 in the incentive of Trabzon. ur We talk to the Council of Ministers about the expulsion to the region. Not the commandment of Allah [more…]

Haydarpaşa Banliyo Station
34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Commuter Expeditions Reduced

Within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project between Ankara and Istanbul, after the removal of express trains from Haydarpaşa to Anatolia and regional expresses, suburban trains were restricted due to Marmaray works. TCDD, today [more…]


TÜVASAŞ workers march to Ankara

located in Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) workers, said the factory would be liquidated under the pretext Ferizli moved to the town, has started to walk to Ankara react. A group of workers gather in front of the factory to react to the move of the factory [more…]

rize cable car

Rize Municipality Launches Work for Cable Car Project

Rize Mayor Halil Bakırcı said that they brought the subject of the ropeway, which they had the preliminary project prepared, to the parliamentary agenda and that they started the expropriation works after the acceptance of the project. Bakırcı transferred the project to Rize. kazanNoting that they made great efforts to [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metro and Marmaray launched Kartal-Maltepe

Although it is on the agenda with the subway planned to be opened this year, Kartal-Maltepe promises more to consumers in terms of transportation. With the completion of the Marmaray project, the transportation alternatives of the region will increase. [more…]


CapitalRay Tender and Result (EUR-TRL)

BaşkentRay Tender has been made and the approximate cost is 350.832.791,66 EURO. The following results have been compiled for you after the tender: COMPANIES OFFER (TRL/EUR) Gülermak – Kolin Partnership: 186.235.935 EURO / 186.235.935,00 EURO Porr: 188.867.427,30 EURO [more…]

16 Bursa

Summer schedule starts in Bursa tram

to Bursa by the Metropolitan Municipality kazanIn the tram, which has attracted great interest from the citizens since the first day it started to carry passengers and started to carry passengers, the summer schedule will be started as of Monday, April 30. As a 'nostalgic' urban accessory [more…]