Strict Inspection Will Be Applied on Highways During the Feast

During the holiday, strict supervision will be carried out on highways
During the holiday, strict supervision will be carried out on highways

Although there is a curfew throughout the country during the Eid al-Fitr, strict supervision will be implemented on the highways.

A total of daily average Police and Gendarmerie during the Eid al-Fitr 18 bin 564 traffic personnel will take part, and during the holiday, the police and gendarmerie 111 bin 384 staff will be on duty.

In intercity passenger transportation 50% capacity implementation will continue. The permit documents of citizens aged 65 and over and those who are given travel permits within the scope of agricultural products harvest will be checked. Model model vehicle application will continue in regions where traffic is concentrated. In this context 767 The model police vehicle was placed on the roads. Although there is a curfew across the country, traffic teams will continue their control on the roads during Ramadan Feast. Especially this holiday; With the travel permit document, inspections will be increased on the roads in order to prevent possible accidents due to the intensity of those who are 65 years old and over with their companions to go where they want, and those who are exempted from the curfew for those who go for agricultural harvest.

During the Eid al-Fitr, a total of daily average police and gendarmerie in traffic measures 18.564 traffic personnel will be on duty. Total during the holiday 59.052 traffic team / team and Police and Gendarmerie 111 thousand 384 personnel will be present.

Also our Ministry Ramadan Feast Traffic Measures He sent circulars to 81 provincial governorships on. It was stated in the Circular that although the holiday is planned for 23 days between 26-2020 May 4, traffic measures will be applied for 22 days between 27-2020 May 6.

Supervision Teams to be Assigned to Central Routes

To see the inspections at the checkpoints at the entrance and exits of the provinces in order to control the passenger passengers in and out of the city within the scope of measures taken by traffic organizations to ensure safe transportation of our citizens and measures to prevent COVID-19 propagation;

  • from Police 24 consisting of staff 8 team,
  • the gendarmerie 40 consisting of staff 20 the team was commissioned.

As with every holiday, this holiday will focus on air controls. In this context 16 by helicopter in the province 76 Traffic control will be carried out by drone in the province.

767 Model Police Vehicles Are Placed On The Roads

Model model vehicle application will be continued in order to increase the visibility of traffic crews in areas where traffic violations and accidents increase, and in areas where traffic is concentrated. 78 (police 767 / gendarmerie 420) in 347 provincesThe Model / Model Traffic Crew Vehicle was visibly placed on routes where accidents were concentrated, with headlights and reflective stripes.

Travel Documents Will Be Checked

50% capacity implementation will continue in intercity passenger transportation. In addition, on the roads, harvest of agricultural products, etc., with citizens over the age of 65. The permit documents of our citizens whose travel permit has been granted will be checked. Controls will be increased in terminals and intermediate stations, and intercity buses and pirate transportation will not be allowed, except for terminals and permitted locations. All buses to the trip will be inspected, their drivers will be informed about not breaking the rules, and the driver and passengers to wear seat belts during the trip. Taking into consideration the accidents involving the buses, especially between 02.00-08.00 and between 05.00-07.00, where the attention loss due to insomnia / fatigue occurred, the drivers will be invited out of the vehicle, necessary controls and rest will be provided. On the highway routes of traffic crews, the beacons should always be switched on. visibility in the foreground, on drivers Perceived Risk of Catching Risk will be kept alive all the time.

Face to face communication will be established

During the inspections, vehicle drivers are stopped at the points where the translation teams are located. Face to face communication It will be established and the drivers coming from the long road will be rested.

Radar inspections will be continued, especially on routes where speed-related accidents are concentrated. On all motorways with a total length of 2.155 km Average Speed will continue to be audited. In the last 3 years, more effective and intensive measures will be planned and implemented on 18 routes in 20 cities, where accidents are found to be intense during the holidays.

In city centers, traffic measures will be increased in martyrs, which can be visited by first degree relatives of our martyrs. In areas where vehicle-pedestrian accidents are intense, pedestrian sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, intersection systems, disabled parked vehicles in front of and on ramps, which affect the safety of pedestrians, will be removed immediately. Inspections and information activities on pedestrian priority / safety will continue without interruption.

Vehicles carrying seasonal agricultural workers will not be allowed to travel between 24.00-06.00. Agricultural agricultural vehicles, tractors, combines, etc. They will be prevented from watching in traffic without taking necessary precautions.

Traffic Teams Will Be Followed Instantly

In all audits; In educational activities aimed at informing and raising awareness about traffic safety for drivers and passengers A Short Break For Life created with the slogan Life Tunnels will be used effectively. Tracking the traffic crew and staff on the route and their inspections instantly Application Tracking Project (UTP)will be effected and audited from the center.

the central Traffic Accident Advisory Unit road situation and accidents across the country will be followed instantly and intervention will be provided.

An important part of supervision in ensuring a safe traffic environment 34.218 To the Honorary Traffic Inspector I'm at home but traffic rules are on my mind. Esteemed inspector, every violation you find saves a life. We thank you for your contribution to traffic safety and wish you a good holiday. Better Every Year in Traffic SMS with content will be sent.


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