'Are you aware?' of the Contest Kazanmoments revealed

Are you aware of the competition? kazanmoments became clear
Are you aware of the competition? kazanmoments became clear

"Are You Aware?", Developed in cooperation with İGA and Protect Your Garbage Foundation, aiming to raise awareness in the society about the effects of garbage on the environment and the importance of recycling. National Photography and Short Video Competition concluded.

"Are You Aware?" Realized with the support of İGA, which has been working within the framework of sustainable development principles, and with the support of the Protect the Garbage Foundation, which works for a garbage-free environment, and Büyük Efes Sanat. The awards of the National Photography and Short Video Competition found their owners.

In the competition, whose applications started on December 23, 2019, and there were two categories of photography and short video, the works were evaluated online due to the social isolation conditions in the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic process. As a result of the competition, Serkan Daldal, Belma Arslan and Oktay Subaşı, who ranked in the top three in the photography category, and Nilgün Yanık Emiroğlu, Itır Sevig and Hüseyin Opruklu, who were in the top three in the video category, were presented their awards.

Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization Dr. Mehmet Emin Birpınar, Psychologist Prof. Dr. Zuhal Baltaş, Photographer Gültekin Çizgigen, CNN Turkish Program Producer Güven İslamoğlu, İGA CEO Consultant Ülkü Özeren, İGA Corporate Communication Director Gökhan Şengül, and Owner of the Garbage Foundation Board Member Yasemin Vargı, comply with 480 photos and 10 videos. As a result of his online evaluation, 19 photographs and 7 videos were found worth exhibiting.

Kazanmoment works will make a sound on garbage and recycling issues

"Are You Aware?" Which draws attention to the fact that we consume our resources as if they are infinite, every piece of waste thrown into the environment remains in the nature for generations and it is in everyone's hands to reverse this situation. The contest attracts the attention of the masses by sharing the works worth exhibiting in various communication channels.

Emrah Bilge, General Manager of the Protect Your Waste Foundation, emphasizing that the works participating in the contest contain creative messages, said: “This difficult period that makes us think more about our environmental impact, is the right time to think about reducing waste and the importance of disposing of garbage to the right place, not the environment. "Are you aware?" We aimed to make people think about where the garbage we throw away without thinking about it goes and what effects it has on nature and our own health. The works participating in the competition contained important messages on this subject. Now is the time to bring them to larger audiences and contribute to their awareness. You will be able to see them frequently in the upcoming period ”. Bilge pointed out that crowded meetings and events could not be held for a long time as before, and added that they hoped that the online evaluation system developed would be a model.

Target “Zero Waste”

IGA CEO Consultant Ülkü Özeren stated that İGA, which continues its activities in line with the principles of sustainable development at Istanbul Airport, which is a global hub with its operational success, also stands out with its activities in the context of environment and sustainability., While emphasizing waste mapping in the direction of using resources more efficiently, he underlined that the amount of waste can be reduced as a result of these studies.

Özeren, "Are You Aware?" Emphasizing that the National Photography and Short Video Contest pointed to an important environmental problem, he made the following statements: “Our world is going through a process that we can never predict. The Covid-19 pandemic, which the whole world has given a tough test, reminded us of the importance of many issues. Environment and nature also took on a completely different face in this process when we closed our homes and our consumption habits changed. In this process, we once again saw the importance of our 'Zero Waste' goal that we set at Istanbul Airport as IGA. It makes us happy that the competition we run jointly with the Protect Your Waste Foundation contributes to this goal. Thanks to this competition, we hope that our society's environmental awareness will increase. "

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