Earthquake Safety Mobilization in Transportation

earthquake security mobilization in transportation
earthquake security mobilization in transportation

In his speech at the "Preparation of Earthquake Regulations for Transportation and Distribution Facilities" held at the General Directorate of Highways (KGM), Minister Turhan said that transportation is a strategic area at the center of political, social, technical, economic and cultural relations.

Work or projects "transportation mind" of the lack of results can be put into practice Turhan stressed that dead investment, expressed that this issue is very important for Turkey. Minister Turhan said, “Our country is at the intersection of 3 continents, as it is a natural base in terms of logistics due to its location on important trade corridors. We are a global logistics base not only between east and west, but also between north and south. When we consider the geostrategic position of our country, the importance of these issues will be understood much better. ” he spoke.

Thanks to the collective transportation mind they put in place, 'Having a geostrategic position is not enough, it is necessary to equip it with the modes of transportation it deserves.' Explaining what they said and started the transportation mobilization, Turhan stated that the integration of all transportation modes with high quality and trust are the main priorities.

Turhan, Turkey today, noting that it will not have the transportation infrastructure incomparably higher than yesterday, zoning is unprecedented in history of the country as soon as 16 years and said they walked for construction work.

Turhan pointed out that they have signed finger-pointed works around the world such as highways, divided roads, airports, ports, high-speed train lines, tunnels, bridges, Istanbul Airport, Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi bridges. access is also much easier, secure and prosperous Turkey in Converged said.

Minister Turhan, all these efforts with devotion, labor, collective wisdom, experience, knowledge, knowledge, courage and faith is done, said that will continue to be done.

“We are thinking a thousand and taking a step”

Stating that they take every step of the works with the consciousness of building the future instead of saving the day, Turhan said, “In each of our steps, we split the hair forty, we think a thousand and take a step. We pay attention to the fact that everything is local and national within the possibilities. In this sense, an issue that we attach importance to being national is the earthquake regulation. ” used expressions.

Turkey is an earthquake in 1999, the truth, and reminded that it's a very painful way experienced Turhan, 1999, reported that the society and the state as the earthquake started to focus on the subject year.

Turhan stated that being prepared for earthquake with the “National Earthquake Strategy and Action Plan” during the period of their government has become a state policy:

“As the Ministry, we show the highest sensitivity to earthquake safety in our transportation and infrastructure works. On the one hand, we strengthen our existing structures against potential earthquakes, on the other hand, we maximize earthquake safety in our new projects. The purpose is to be prepared without knocking on our earthquake door, in the event that it does not show Allah, keeping the loss and damage to a minimum. ”

“We will end the non-national practice”

Stating that they have benefited from the earthquake regulations prepared by certain countries so far, they have tendered and implemented the projects in the light of these regulations and said:

“As the Ministry, we have come to a certain stage in the work we have been carrying out for a while for our local and national earthquake regulation by putting an end to this. There is the Earthquake Map of Turkey published by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, and now there is no reason why we should use the regulations of foreign countries, taking into account our work. The ideas and suggestions to be put forward in this workshop will provide scientific depth to existing studies. kazanI believe it will. We must prepare such a regulation that it will be accepted and implemented by other countries. For this reason, I attach great importance to this workshop, and I am happy that we will put an end to a non-national practice afterwards.”

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