SMEs Advance In The Digital Environment To Become Exporters

SMEs are moving towards being an exporter in digital environment
SMEs are moving towards being an exporter in digital environment

📩 31/05/2020 15:39

Ministry of Commerce and UPS firms, exporters may be of SMEs in cooperation with e-implemented in order to participate in the export process and a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) began to be carried out online within the scope of measures "Export Academy" within the scope of the second cycle training in Turkey close to 650 of the general the entrepreneur attended.

Turkey, bringing together operating in 81 provinces, showing women entrepreneurs and build a network of entrepreneurs who started to integrate the export process Physical Network of Women Entrepreneurs of Turkey meetings has been moved to an online environment.

The 10th of these meetings was held on 22 May online for women entrepreneurs from Hakkari. In the meeting attended by women entrepreneurs from the center of Hakkari and Yüksekova, detailed information on target market determination in exports and government supports were shared.

The "Export Academy" Program meetings, initiated with the protocol signed between the Ministry of Commerce and UPS and held in two provinces each month, were temporarily suspended in order to prevent potential Kovid-19 contamination risk to the participants.

The Ministry of Commerce, which continued its activities at full speed during the pandemic period, carried the Export Academy program, which was open only to women and young entrepreneurs, in April to enable all SMEs to be exporters, take their place in global supply chains and participate in e-export processes in particular.

In this context, the second online training was held on 28 May. close to 650 entrepreneurs from across Turkey attended the said training. The program will continue to be offered to all SMEs free of charge in electronic environment every month.

The program aims to equip companies with the information they will need to do e-commerce even if they have no knowledge of e-commerce. Thus, it is aimed to meet the information, experience and network needs of entrepreneurs and contribute to the increase in exports.

With the online program, companies are provided with detailed training on all subjects from customs clearance and return processes to sales methods, appropriate packaging, payment systems and logistics solutions, digital marketing, virtual markets and government support for exports.

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