Minister Pekcan Evaluates Normalization Steps for Tradesmen and Craftsmen

minister evaluates normalization steps for craftsmen and craftsmen
minister evaluates normalization steps for craftsmen and craftsmen

The Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan stated that many tradesmen and craftsmen will continue their commercial activities from the point where they left off from the new coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic process, and said, “In this process, many trades and support provided by our state will be revived in a short period of time. we expect the economic activity to return to the old. ” said.

Emphasizing that the events experienced during the epidemic facing the whole world once again showed how important and critical the tradesmen have in the daily economy, Pekcan drew attention to the importance of the tradesmen and craftsmen who offer many products and services to the consumers both in terms of protecting employment and ensuring the continuity of economic activities. .

Turkey's health sector in the fight given the economic field like the expression that gave the Pekcan, "Both health point where we have a pretty good compared to many countries in general as well as economic challenges in our world." he spoke.

Turkey in the Pekcan explaining that as of today, about 2 million artisans and craftsmen operate, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after the cabinet meeting on May 28 of tradesmen and artisans recalled that the interests of the normalization steps explained.

Noting that at the first stage of the normalization process, shopping malls, barbershops, hairdressers and beauty centers, businesses such as clothing, shoes, bags, and glassware were sold, Pekcan said that businesses such as restaurants and cafes will start their activities as of June 1, He said that tradesmen and craftsmen can return to their jobs.

In this context, Pekcan stated that many tradesmen and craftsmen will continue their commercial activities from where they left off. " used the expression.

Noting that the trade sector has mobilized all the means of the struggle against the epidemic that affects the whole world with the least possible damage, Pekcan stated that it provided very important support to the tradesmen and craftsmen with the “Economic Stability Shield” package announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In this context, Minister Pekcan reminded that the ministries of Treasury, Finance and Family, Labor and Social Services have announced various support packages that will relieve tradesmen.

“In this process, steps were taken to postpone the principal and interest payments of Halkbank's loan debts to Halkbank for 3 months and without interest by declaring that their work was adversely affected. In addition to these, many important facilities were provided from the Tradesmen Support Package, from Work to Credit Support to SSI, postponing the premium payments of Bağkur, and arranging short-time work allowance and registry records.

Within the scope of the Tradesmen Support Package, which was supplied to the market from Halkbank resources, 606 thousand 545 tradesmen and craftsmen have been extended a loan of 15 billion 35 million TL. These loans breathed in the trades that had to close their businesses during this difficult period. The total amount of loan installments that were postponed or structured by Halkbank due to the Kovid-19 outbreak was 3,5 billion liras and the number of tradesmen and craftsmen benefiting from these opportunities was 374 thousand 674. ”

Stating that normalization started gradually, Pekcan pointed out the importance of paying maximum attention to protection measures while economic activities continue.

Explaining that there are rules that every tradesman must follow while carrying out their activities, Minister Pekcan said, “Our tradesmen and craftsmen were informed about the measures to be taken for Kovid-19 while they were operating. In this process, we have no doubt that our shopkeepers will abide by the 'mask, distance and cleansing' measures that our President also points to. ” he spoke.

Pekcan stated that they provided the Ministry's E-Trades and Tradesman Database (ESBİS) to obtain the professional activity documents from the Ministry's E-Tradesman and Artisan Database, and online portals such as online training, in order for the loan transactions to be carried out faster and to reduce stationery in this process. shopkeepers and artisans said they are speeding up their digital training in e-commerce and export.

Reminding that they started the solidarity campaign “We are with SMEs as E-Commerce” as a ministry, Pekcan said, “Many e-commerce platforms supported this campaign. In this way, we want our tradesmen who have marketing difficulties to benefit from the opportunities of e-commerce, to grow and institutionalize and to get the rewards of their efforts. ” said.

Minister Pekcan stated that they are always with the tradesmen, who are the lifeblood of the economy, with the support and training they provide, and said: kazanmoment we will be.” used the phrase.

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