On-line Internship Period Started

on line internship
on line internship

The On-Line Internship Period Has Begun: It was a curiosity to do summer internships for most workplaces that switched from home to work model with the coronavirus outbreak. This topic assessing the Koc Group, launched its on-line training period in Turkey by signing a policy.

Considering the dynamics of the new era, Koç Holding Human Resources has brought summer and fall internship programs to all online companies and online platforms. Online internship announcements of Koç Group companies will be published on the "Koç Group Digital Career Meetings" event, which will be held for the first time this year on June 15, hosted by Koç Holding. With this program and Turkey's Koç Holding and Group Companies all over the world will be able to make online training. Registration for the Digital Career Meetings, hosted by Koç Holding, will begin on June 5th.

Koç Holding mobilized its resources with all of its companies in the process of combating the coronavirus epidemic and realized its actions within this framework, and decided to move its internship programs to the online platform. Last year, Forbes' World's Best Employers List on the 35th ascending order of Koç Holding, 2020, the summer and autumn period will be opened in more than 20 Koç Group of Companies for only the online training programs, not Turkey, accept applications from all over the world will.

Koç Group aims to reduce the future anxiety of young people with the opportunity of online internship.

In line with the measures taken within the scope of the coronavirus outbreak, more than 200 trainees continue their studies online across Koç Group. Koç Group, which prioritizes the health of students, aims to reduce their anxiety for the future by enabling young people to participate in the business life and prepare themselves for the future without coming to the office.

All stages are designed end to end in the online internship

Designed end-to-end, the online internship experience allows all steps from the application phase to evaluation, orientation, the beginning and the end of the internship to be carried out through online platforms and systems. Interns who are able to make periodic online video calls with managers, can do online with their teams. sohbetThey will be able to attend events and meetings, so they will not feel distant from their teams and companies where they do internships. In the process, while the projects that all managers can give within the scope of online internship are clarified, alternative solutions will be produced for physical experiences. The companies, which will listen to the feedbacks through weekly experience surveys, will carry out additional studies to improve the internship conditions. With all these efforts, Koç Academy, an online training platform for Koç Employees, which contains more than 12 thousand training videos, will be made available to interns who participate in the online internship program with all its contents.

Online internship announcements at Koç Group companies will be held for the first time this year on June 15, and will be available through the “Koç Group Digital Career Meetings” event, which will bring companies from many different sectors, such as energy, automotive, tourism, food, retail, healthcare online. Trainee candidates will be able to register for the Digital Career Meetings on June 5, through the event-specific website. - Hibya

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