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When Metin2 pvp players search for metin2 pvp server, many of the games they encounter become closed servers. The reason for this is that most of the games that are opened and promoted on promotional sites are opened with enthusiasm in the short term. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find an active metin2 pvp server. In this article current text2 pvp servers We will try to explain which games are preferred in the following months.

Active Multiplayer Metin2020 Pvp Servers in 2

  • Livamt2
  • Olivamt2
  • wsmt2
  • Rinamt2
  • Hisarmt2

The current metin2 pvp server list has been shared above. These servers are still active and have many players as a result of reviews made at the end of May 2020. metin2 pvp servers'Dr.

Livamt2 is undoubtedly a known server. This is because the advertising budget is used to reach all players who want to play metin2 without any restriction. Livamt2 is a labor server and it has gathered all the players who longed for old Metin2 in its game and is the most successful Metin2 pvp server today. Livamt2 sees an average of 65 thousand online during peak hours of the day. Let's talk a little bit about the features of Livamt2.

Livamt2 System Features

  • Guild systems are the latest version. (Advanced Guild)
  • You can change channels quickly.
  • You can call your ride at any time with the special mount system.
  • You can secure your belongings with the item locking system.
  • You can follow the history of guild wars.
  • You will not experience any connection problems with the Offline Market.
  • There is a 4th socket in armor, guns and accessories.
  • Rummy System

You can play okey on other players on Livamt2. You can play okey with other players by depositing your gold in livamt2, one of the very rare servers that can make this innovation. There is also a dice system for players who enjoy this kind of games.

Livamt2 Game Features

  • It is a labor pvp server with beginner level 1 and 120 ending.
  • There are support items when you start the game.
  • Because it is a labor server pvp servers is the most preferred server in the industry. You may think it may be lag due to the number of online, but livamt2 has a high capacity server and has 8 channels.

Another popular text among labor servers is 2 pvp server Olivamt2'Dr. The makers of olivamt2 and livamt2 are the same. However, livamt2 was opened in the first week of May. Olivamt2 2. Server has been opened for more than 1 year. In other words, there can be a radical difference between new players and old players. For this reason, the server you should choose between these two servers is definitely the livamt2 server. If you want to play wslik server, you can play wsmt2 game. Wsmt2 server is an easy server for players who do not like labor servers and get bored very quickly in character, and it is a server where you can start with the end level and pvp with other players. Wsmt2 is about 2 years old and is one of the most popular servers among wslik servers. You can start by making your choice to play these fun games.


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