Covid-19 Diagnostic Center is Established for OSB Employees in Bursa

Covid diagnosis center is being established for OSB employees in Bursa.
Covid diagnosis center is being established for OSB employees in Bursa.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry has undertaken an important study that closely concerns companies and their employees due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Ministry of Health, Turkey Institutes of Health Administration (TÜSEB), BCCI and Bursa Organized Industrial Zone Association Inc. A coronavirus test will be applied to the employees of the enterprises located in the OIZs in Bursa, in the diagnostic center to be established by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with (BOSBIR).

BTSO took an important step for the coronavirus screening of workers in companies that continued production during the pandemic. BCCI, Ministry of Health, TÜSEB and BOSB exports of Turkey's economy, the move to establish the scope of the laboratory diagnosis of coronavirus screening program in Bursa, production and employment base. After the establishment of the PCR test laboratory for the detection of coronavirus, the test will be applied to employees in 19 industrial zones in Bursa, regardless of whether they show COVID-17 symptoms.


BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay said that Bursa is one of the cities that strengthen the development of the country's economy. Turkey's first OSB are installed as the country's first high-tech organized industrial zones of the President stating adversely affected by the the coronavirus outbreak of Bursa, where now lives Burkay, BCCI company as of the first day of the onset of the epidemic to be affected at least through this process in motion several action plans since He said he had. Burkay, who created the crisis desk and conveyed the demands and suggestions of business representatives to the relevant ministries and institutions, said that they provided up to 500 million TL for the new Breath Loan initiated under the leadership of TOBB. President Burkay said, “COVID - 19 outbreaks created severe destructions on economic and social balances in addition to their direct effects on human health. Almost all our sectors, especially international trade, capital movements and tourism, have suffered serious injuries. We will continue to stand by our business representatives during this process, which has experienced the worst contraction of the last 100 years in the global economy. ” said.


President Burkay said that in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and TÜSEB, they took an important step in the COVID-19 process for the Bursa business world, closely related to the health of the employees in the OIZ. Stating that the workers who work in organized industrial zones will be established with BTSO initiatives and the diagnostic center will be comfortable and that production will not be disrupted, Mayor Burkay said, “We have started this work with the cooperation of our Ministry of Health, TUSEB and BOSBİR. Bursa, producing, exporting and a city at the heart of Turkey's economy with qualified employment. Our city will be one of the most important actors in the recovery of our country's economy after the coronavirus crisis. For this purpose, in order to prepare both our companies and our employees for this new process, we will screen our workers who work in factories in our OIZs to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. In this context, a PCR test laboratory will be established for the detection of coronavirus. I wish the diagnostic center, which closely concerns the health of our workers, to be beneficial for our city and our companies. We would like to thank our Ministry of Health and TÜSEB who contributed to bringing this center to Bursa. ” said.

President Burkay added that the samples collected from the field will be delivered to the staff in the PCR test laboratory and that the necessary quarantine and treatment procedures will be implemented by informing the company officials about the positive cases after the results are released.

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