Public Transport Vehicles Are Inspected Against Coronavirus In Mersin

mass transportation vehicles against coronavirus in Mersin
mass transportation vehicles against coronavirus in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to carry out important works by taking measures to protect public health against the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Within the scope of the new additional circular sent by the Ministry of Interior to the 81 Provincial Governors, the Traffic Police Inspection teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department carried out inspections on public transportation vehicles in Mersin. The teams were accompanied by Zekeriya Özmış, Deputy Director of the Traffic Police Department.

Public transport vehicles will accept passengers at 50% of their passenger capacity

Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Police Supervision teams inspected the minibuses and public buses that many citizens boarded during the day according to the criteria determined to protect public health.

All public transportation vehicles in the provinces and districts will accept passengers at the rate of 50% of the passenger carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license and the way of sitting inside the vehicle will prevent the passengers from coming into contact with each other. According to the circular, passengers will not sit next to each other. The teams warned both drivers and passengers to follow these rules with precision during the inspection.

Özmış: “Public health is important”

Zekeriya Özmiş, Deputy Director of the Traffic Police Department, who stated that the passengers and drivers should comply with the circulars that came into force in order to protect the public health against the threat of the epidemic, “Everyone will sit alone. Passenger and driver will help each other in this regard. Public health is important. We will act in line with the incoming circulars. We have to follow these rules for public health. ”

Traffic Police Supervision teams also checked the labels that should be kept against disinfection in public transport vehicles against the coronavirus epidemic.

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